Google removed its mobile fullscreen advertising

Google removed its mobile fullscreen advertising
Google removed its mobile fullscreen advertising

Through a survey, Google has decided to end the use of their mobile advertising  interstitial(interstitials in English), nuncios displayed full screen while surfing the Internet via a mobile device and download inviting applications related to it.

The technology giant has shown a study published recently in his blog  that after examining the behavior of users when this type of pop-ups appear  only 9% of visitors click on the icon to install the application .

However, the figures do not vary download this despite 9%, as very few of the users who access the application store from the announcement just installing the software.

 Google removed its mobile advertising fullscreen

69% of users leave the page directly to when they wanted to access the interstitial appears.Google explains that aggressive perception that produce these ads is such that its effect is counterproductive.

Regarding what happened if completely withdrawing the interstitial mobile advertising, Google has confirmed that applications just suffer variations in the number of downloads, but thetraffic page is increased by 17% .

After the study, the company has decided to withdraw its interstitial permanently with the intention that more companies turn their heads to see and copy their example.

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog