Google's documentary shows that the programming is also for women | CodeGirl -
Google's documentary shows that the programming is also for women | CodeGirl -

Less than 1% of women in the world studying computer science, and no longer speak of professionals who graduate to make the leap to the labor market. The curious thing is that for example in the US, 74% of women in secondary education have expressed their desire to pursue a career related to technology and computer science, but on reaching higher education this figure falls to 0.3%.

It’s no surprise that companies are recruiting young graduates of computer careers, becoming the highest paid jobs in America and other regions of the world, and demand is forecast to increase over the next ten years. But several issues, social and cultural, women are left out of this, why there are initiatives by universities and companies other institutions who want to reverse this. And here is whereGoogle and his new documentary.

‘CodeGirl’: promoting the participation of women in programming

Made with Code ‘is a Google-sponsored initiative that has the support of a lot of associations and colleges, from which is born’ CodeGirl ‘an interesting documentary that brings us to the fascinating world of programming, but where now women, they are the protagonists, who show their challenges and difficulties because of a gender gap in the field of technology.

‘CodeGirl’ is a documentary directed by filmmaker Lesley Chilcott, and he collected some of the stories of more than 5,000 young people from over 60 countries participating in the Technovation Global Challenge 2015, a competition of three months where the goal It is to create a mobile application that comes to solve a problem in their countries.

Google's documentary shows that the programming is also for women | CodeGirl -

The idea of such initiatives is to inspire, and at the same time be a vehicle for more women to join this, the world of programming, which estimated the documentary, in 2017 the app market will be valued at 77,000 million, so the importance of women participated in a male-dominated field.

Within the web project we can also look at the various projects that have emerged through this initiative, in addition to the data from all these young people are included, because the intention is to get partners, alliances and financing.


“From the remote land of Moldova, through the metropolitan Brazil to suburban Massachusetts, CODEGIRL follows high school girls teams from around the world who have three months to create an application that solves the problems in their communities. The winning team will receive $ $ 10,000 if you complete your application, but every girl discovers something valuable down the road. “

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