Guide to becoming a Director of Marketing and Digital Advertising

Guide to becoming a Director of Marketing and Digital (2)

The Marketing Director is one of the most demanded professional profiles today. Next, I want to share with you the skills, functions, tools and concepts needed to work in the marketing direction of a company.

Skills of the new marketing director in the company

The Marketing Director has to meet these nine requirements or skills.

– Person 2.0

He is a professional who spends most of his time on the Internet, turning his computer and mobile devices into his main working tools. Therefore, should be aware of the latest news, updates or applications that can facilitate daily activities. You should not lose sight of the steps of the great referents of the technology sector like Apple, Google, Microsoft and be at the forefront of new trends continually.

– Marketiniano

This professional is in charge of developing and implementing the marketing strategy of the company, so it should be well formed of trends and updates related to the use of analysis tools, implementation, management and control of marketing strategies.

It should internalize perfectly elements such as:

  • The Marketing Mix of the brand: You must know the Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution of the company to perfection.
  • Relational marketing
    Companies should look for long-term relationships. The more companies are able to meet customers, the better they can meet their needs and the longer the relationship will last. “There is no better marketing than the customers themselves.”
  • Market Segmentation: It is no longer worth selling to anyone and everything, it is important to find out which leads are in line with the brand’s mission, vision and values, which in the long run will translate into a much more loyal customer.
  • Market research: It is very important to know who you are competing with, how the market works and where you are doing the main activity.
  • International marketing: The concept of a single global market is currently being discussed. Thanks to the Internet anyone in the world can be a potential customer, so brands should not lose sight of what happens beyond their own home market.
  • Content Marketing: Brands interact with a new type of customer who is no longer a simple consumer, but a prosumer, since he is perfectly informed of what he buys and also produces useful information for other customers. This makes the brands are obliged to create a content of quality, well written and above all that generates an added value.

– Social Media Man

We are currently experiencing a real social revolution, the way people communicate is continually changing. Millennials generation Y seeks recognition and be heard by the brands that follow and the ideal medium for this is through social networks. Therefore, this professional should locate what is said at all times of the brand in the various social networks, being one of the channels most suitable to connect and interact with consumers

In this section it is important to highlight two social networks especially important for this professional:

  • Linkedin. Very useful to connect with other professionals in the same field of work, where you can share articles and opinions on current issues.
  • SlideShare. To show your presentations and projects.

– Blogger

It is so important to work on building the image and reputation of the brand, as well as the professional who represents it. That is why a good marketing manager must reserve part of his time to produce quality articles on topics related to his field of work.

– Growth Hacker

As responsible for the strategy, you must study what works and helps the growth of the company. Therefore, should thoroughly analyze the behavior of consumers in each of the actions taken in the purchasing process. Let’s not forget that the difficult part is not in gathering the information, but in detecting what can really be useful.

– A born entrepreneur

A marketing director is part of a group of professionals working together to achieve a common goal. In this way, it will work side by side with other departments, such as accounting or human resources. It is therefore vital that you understand how each of them works, as well as maintain a fluid internal communication at all times.

– Team leader

A marketing manager should rely on his team whenever he needs it and be always with his colleagues to advise and help them where necessary. He should not forget that, despite being in charge of elaborating the strategy to be followed by the company, without a team that implements each of the actions their work has no value whatsoever.

– Autodidact

A marketing manager should be continuously training, either by experimenting with the new tools that go to the market or attending conferences such as the Agencies Meeting, to keep abreast of trends in the sector.

– Creative

Especially in marketing, creativity is an element of differentiation that can favor the strategy of a company to excel above that of its competitors. A Brainstorming meeting with a well-loaded coffee mug can be a good choice to start the day and awaken the most creative side.

A good complement to the coffee pot are the programs and webs of conferences like TED or Marketin.TV  which offers you te possibility to listen, learn and take ideas of referents and professionals from different sectors.

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