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The summer, is one of the times when most employment contracts are made . Precisely for that reason it becomes a good time to make every effort to find a position which ensures that the remuneration and try to find a place that enables maintaining the employment relationship beyond that temporary work. Knowing how important it is for more than four million unemployed in Spain find a new possibility, we prepared a comprehensive guide to not let you escape any job offer this summer.

Below we offer a number of tips on how to postulate the most common job offers , but also some tricks that could make achieving a stable job when the heat forward. In fact, after the worry of finding a job, one of the most serious problems we Spaniards go to the head is precisely the job of having more than a few days a year. Temporary employment is one of the fastest rally suffers, and therefore, most job offers are focused in that direction.

Steps to find work this summer

summer employment
  1. Sign up for all offers you can online : companies currently used in many cases exclusively, and others combined, online channels. Being digital records you could do it all from home, just making sure you have a good Internet connection. You can fill five or six times the same boring, but if you really want to find work in summer is most recommended.
  2. Make sure you update your resume in LinkdIn:  especially if you’re a professional studies. You have to know that it is increasingly common recruitment for this type of track and precisely why it pays to be aware of social networking business to look for a new job or a new employment relationship that take you to achieve your career goals .
  3. Take advantage of the sectors that generate more jobs: find jobs in the *** time is also a matter of selecting the job we know we can get. Generally summer is the tourism sector and services that most contracts and therefore bet candidate this type of job is a sure hit if you do not mind the sector in which you work always find employment.
  4. Do not miss opportunities with word of mouth,  though it is perhaps the oldest technique to find employment has not come to be obsolete. Contacts and questions to the right people always helps improve job prospects. So, when in doubt it is always better to mention that you are actively seeking employment. You never know where it may be waiting for the job opportunity you wanted.
  5. Get trained and seeking alternative forms of employment:  training and freelance work can also be a way to enter the workforce and gain experience. In fact, in the case of younger it is often the only option. There are many free courses that can open up new doors of employment while some freelance contracts, to provide such training, do not require registration as independent if they are for a specific action.
  6. Give your resume on the stock of public employment and temporary employment:  although it is always advisable to join the strike, public employment in Spain does not develop its function. Therefore you should always sign up known as ETTs as only 2% of all contracts are carried out through official offices.

A reflection on employment in the medium term

Summer work

With the current job insecurity, most of the unemployed would settle for having a job . But who finds a job in which he finally used only a few hours would like to have the economic freedom to maintain a steady income. It is perhaps the most complex task in today’s Spain. And even being complicated and requiring a lot of patience and a little luck, we will give you some guidelines that can help you transform this work only a few hours into a more stable employment relationship:

  1. Low cover companies that publish these jobs  generally, companies that publish their vacancies for low or vacation offer workers more likely to be admitted in the future than those that simply cover extras or temporarily hire periods without major reasons . That’s why whenever you see a contract of this nature should try to send your resume and go for trying to compete in the race to make the vacancy. Sometimes the number of candidates is very high, but you should try not discouraged knowing that these jobs there are more options for the future.
  2. Contact the company directly through contracts ETT:  when you come to work in a company through a temporary agency hiring is likely that the conditions are much more precarious than you will get if you hire the company directly . Therefore, although not recommended that reject these offers (usually temporary employment coalesce a lot of offers) yes you should try to find some contact within the company who then help you get that improvement hiring as there is a vacancy .
  3. Betting on temporary employment contracts that have many in the same area : no job offers despite having no remuneration too high, nor have a really good condition do have a lot of employment in various areas of the same Autonomous Community . This is another formula to try to achieve, if not a stable job, several working days to help get to the end of the month. Clearly it is not recommended, but it is an option that can get you out of trouble if you have not contemplated.

It is clear that job opportunities in Spain are not the best we could choose to. However, falling into disappointment to have the certainty that you will not find employment is also not the best choice to move forward.So we have to be patient and get to the arduous task of finding a job taking advantage of the summer is one of the best times to achieve the goal long awaited by many.


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