Hair Mesotherapy treatments to restore and strengthen hair


Although mesotherapy is known as a treatment used for cosmetic purposes in the body and face, the same technique can also be applied to the scalp to achieve results that can be very interesting when it comes to hair recovery, saving a chemical that has suffered damage, or simply improve the appearance. If you do not know, mesotherapy can introduce chemicals for specific purposes to achieve certain results using needles. These needles inject the compound in the treatment area and have little side effects.

The Capillary Mesotherapy is a technique that allows the scalp intervene and attack the problem at its root. Precisely because this is very suitable for the treatment of ailments that have their origin in it and to put a solution to problems with products that are applied directly to the skin the proper results are not achieved. Although not all ailments of the scalp can be treated with this technique, it is true that many women have been able to restore the beauty of their hair in a few sessions. Here’s how it works, precautions to be taken and the pros and cons of choosing it as a cosmetic treatment.

How capillary mesotherapy works?

The injections used in capillary mesotherapy not cross the skin, but are injected into the scalp. Sometimes, the compound introduced should reach lower areas to produce the desired effect, and it does thanks to the natural diffusion of these liquids. Moreover, precisely because of this operation, the compound is active in the area for longer. But what are the compounds that are used to achieve results with this technique improves aesthetics hair?

Generally, they vary the treatment to be achieved with the capillary mesotherapy, but usually include a range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are missing that our hair to grow and stay healthy and beautiful. At the same time, beyond putting solution to aggressive chemical damage to hair treatments, the passage of time, or lack of hydration and nutrition of the hair, we find that the hair loss is usually one of the problems that most times They are treated with this practice. Of course, since genetically women just suffer, treatment is mostly applied in men.


Mesotherapy hair to stop hair loss

The hair loss can be caused by different reasons. For women, stress or damage to the hair structure often the major cause.In such cases, injections of moisturizing and nourishing compounds by capillary mesotherapy usually give very good results.However, baldness is a predominantly male problem as in the case of men hair loss depends on other factors such as the inheritance of this quality and testosterone, a male hormone actually associated with loss of hair.Mesotherapy capillary itself is a solution also in the male case, although actually be applied in the initial stages.In fact, it remembers that unless interventions with hair implants, often to be achieved effective results must act in the early stages.Then it will be really difficult to get optimal results.

How are the sessions capillary mesotherapy

The capillary mesotherapy technique depends on the area being treated and the result it seeks to achieve. However, in general, each session about 40 microinjections that are barely noticeable by the patient apply. Still, some specialists use local anesthesia to avoid the little annoyances that can cause treatment. The average length of capillary mesotherapy sessions usually not more than 15 minutes. The patient will notice the change in the first session is practically nil, and the effectiveness of treatment depends on what is constant over time. To achieve visible results concerted regular sessions with a specialist over at least five months are recommended. The minimum waiting time between each session may never be less than two weeks.

The capillary mesotherapy has no side effects and no recovery requires treatment after surgery. The patient leaves the office after habérsela applied ready for normal life. In general, no discomfort occur, although during the first few hours we can notice some pain for having subjected to the technique. This is something that is solved with mild analgesics and can consult a specialist we apply it. In any case, to avoid any risk management capillary mesotherapy is quite common to a previous study in which the patient’s history is analyzed. There are compounds that are administered through mesotherapy which can cause allergic reactions and that of detection should be replaced by others or be replaced by another treatment for hair recovery.

Reasons to think capillary mesotherapy treatment

The capillary mesotherapy may be recommended in many cases, but then analyze the most frequent pathologies in which it becomes painless and without side effects to the problem. We also are the profiles we often turn to this technique for the loss of beauty in the hair under certain physical situations that often cause significant changes in its structure are.

  • Mesotherapy capillary allows to achieve higher brightness in the hair as it strengthens their quality and texture with the administration of vitamins and minerals.
  • Certain compounds administered in this manner stimulate hair growth. However, one must analyze the causes of the fall to ensure that the treatment will work.
  • Hair loss stopped when administered in the early stages of this loss.
  • Allows hair follicle anagen phase from passing.

Women often turn to hair treatments Mesotherapy

  • Women who notice their hair is thin and brittle, both by nature and by a chemical treatment or physical circumstances that have led to this situation.
  • Hair loss after childbirth. This is a common situation in the case of women maoría and capillary mesotherapy becomes optimal treatment to recover sooner hair beauty.
  • Treatment of alopecia caused by chemotherapy.
  • For postmenopausal women can also be produced falls in the loss of hair and beauty.  So also it is encouraged them to use.

The capillary mesotherapy is recommended in most cases, but must be administered by a specialist and, in addition, must be maintained over time to achieve the results expected.