What happens if I delete the System32 folder? – Here is what

system 32 delete

If for some reason or for simple curiosity you try to delete the System32 folder what will happen is that first Windows will ask you for administrator permissions to proceed with the removal. It will then tell you (at least in most cases) that you are trying to delete system folders by having the option to proceed with removal.

What will happen next is that the System32 folder will not be deleted, but some important Windows system files. As for example, control panel configuration options, Windows tools, among other things. That means that the operating system could continue to function, but with many failures and errors.

The deletion of the folder System32  is one of the worst mistakes that can happen. This is because it prevents the passage to various options of your computer leaving a number of error messages as (” Windows has not been started because the next file is missing or damaged ). Sometimes the blue screen appears with the typical Windows error codes.

To start repairing the problem you need a USB or Windows installation CD

Repair the problem

The problem can be repaired with a CD or USB memory that contains the installation of the same version of Windows that you have installed on your computer.

As with a USB or CD or DVD installation you can perform a repair. Files that have been deleted may be reset by having the operating system re-run correctly.

In the case of not having an installation of the same Windows version it would be advisable to put the storage unit where the operating system is on another computer and save the important files that you do not want to lose.

Then do a new installation, thus avoiding losing important information.

Another solution would be to repair Windows, but it does not always work since it mostly does not allow it for the lack of necessary files.