Head of Human Resources | Google Explains The Only 2 Ways To Retain Your Best Employees In The Company.


Laszlo Bock is senior vice president of Google people management, author of the book ” The new formula work “, which gives some ideas to implement the culture of one of the most revolutionary companies to change the way people manage and lead teams.

Laszlo on this premise, which is that we spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it is illogical that the work becomes a bit demotivating or human experience. For him, the employees are the most valuable asset of any company, and losing talented employees can be something really expensive, so even talking about disempower give managers and employees, its own vision of the culture of Google, a company that ensures its success has been due to the fact of giving power to its users.

At least that explained Jeff Jarvis in his book ” Google … What Would You Do? “

B001NLKYT2 What Would Google Do?: Reverse-Engineering the Fastest Growing Company in the History of the World
Jeff Jarvis

The problem with many large companies face regarding their best employees, is that simply did not know retain them, and the money seems not enough incentive for them to stay.

“People do not stay for the money,”

Laszlo said in an interview with Bloomberg, ensuring that more than one third of the first 100 Google employees still working in the company despite who got rich thanks to the IPO . company .

According to Laszlo, the best talents remain in the company for these unique reasons:

1. The quality of the people they work with.

2. The feeling that their work is meaningful.Talented people want to do more than make money, they want to do something meaningful impact, a purpose. And it is that Google, along with other companies, are really changing the world, and when employees feel they are participating in a significant change, become more productive.

When we talk about the advantages that Google employees, often appointed free meals, to go to work in sweats, arcades in the company, massages, dry cleaning company … but Laszlo says that when a person wants to leave the company, not watch this kind of thing, like do not look at the money.

But it would look with sadness the fact of leaving a good team of people and professionals that has worked as well as intended to abandon a project to change the world.

Something similar said Steve Jobs, when he said to bring the executive of Pepsi, asking “if I wanted to be part of a change in the world, or if you want to sell sugar water the rest of his life.”