Health and Technology: The Smartphone as Our Health Monitoring
Health and Technology: The Smartphone as Our Health Monitoring

Our mobile devices are set to head for growing areas, and health is one of the most interesting both in developing apps as hardware design solutions emerging fields. In this sense, there are numerous projects to monitor our health with your smartphone accessories, and here we selected the most interesting and promising ones.

Asthma control at home

In order to control asthma and track the iSonea app have launched the device AirSonea, which records sounds airway through the neck. The control is performed in conjunction with the app AsthmaSense, which provides a result after analysis and we share it by email to our doctor.

Health and Technology: The Smartphone as Our Health Monitoring

Blood pressure

In this case it is a tension, that is, a device that allows us to determine the blood pressure and to register with our iOS device, which is connected via Bluetooth. The device costs 129.95 euros and can be purchased from their official website.

Health and Technology: The Smartphone as Our Health Monitoring

An ultrasound at a minimum

Ultrasound is a diagnostic method for noninvasive image used in many cases and has evolved to be able to use our smartphone, hand Mobiles SP1, resulting in a practical and more economical than traditional ultrasound method. It is a probe and transducer in which they are processed and images, which can be transmitted wirelessly to the smartphone or cable network.

Health and Technology: The Smartphone as Our Health Monitoring

Noting our skin very closely

FotoFinder is a set of magnifying glasses (20x) to visualize in detail the findings in the skin. The accessory has 6 LEDs polarized light and six of unpolarized light and a button to select a quick convenience. It is charged via a USB port and has a battery up to 8 hours.

Health and Technology: The Smartphone as Our Health Monitoring

It works in conjunction with the app Handyscope, which allows both capture and store images per patient, whose tab is available only through the application, which has the encrypted storage. There is also the FotoFinder Hub platform to share and discuss community cases. The device is available only for several models of iPhone for 655 euros on the official website.

Our heart guarded 24 hours

There are patients with increased risk of heart disease to which they should have guarded the heart. For this purpose was released CopCar, integrated in a shirt that allows assessing cardiac status in real-time alerting to a crisis by having integration with emergency services device.

Health and Technology: The Smartphone as Our Health Monitoring

Thus, there is a sensorized shirt that is synchronized with the smartphone, so that if an urgent CopCap detects abnormality (arrhythmia, infarction, etc.) directly to the emergency services alert is generated. All this is integrated into the system itself Brain ECG , which will send patient data along with the alert.

What it is to come

As we have seen in any of the above cases, and a few months ago with a proposal for the detection of parasites, these devices that work in conjunction with a smartphone usually supply more expensive equipment (saving the differences in the data). That’s why many of these projects are focused on being an alternative in developing countries.

It is the case of the chip that has developed a team of doctors from the University of Columbia in collaboration with other institutions. It is a system that is connected to the smartphone, you could replace the usual method (ELISA) regarding the diagnosis of se***ly transmitted diseases. Audio jack Connects and scan a drop of blood for the result to be displayed on a mobile phone app.

Another disease that is unfortunately the current is diabetes, which requires monitoring of blood sugar (glucose) steady by the patient. This is what we came up with the Valencian IMASD (for later passed into the hands of INEURON) with your SmartWatch IMASD Health , which would measure this parameter noninvasively and include features such as warning of hypoglycemia (blood sugar too low).As the CopCam also integrate call the emergency services by sending data to attendees.

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