Hearing aids: solution to hearing loss in the elderly

solution to hearing loss
Doctor inserting hearing aid in senior's ear

When hearing loss is irreparable, as happens to the elderly with presbycusis, a good solution is the use of a hearing aid. Will the hearing healthcare professional who indicate when it is necessary to use this electronic device capable of amplifying and notify the sound, but the general recommendation is to use it when hearing loss exceeds 30 dB HL (hearing level).

There are different types of hearing aids, so again the affected will have to follow the instructions of the specialist in audiology to choose the most appropriate. Before indicating its recommendation, the audiologist will consider several factors :

  • Lifestyle of the person, since it is important to know what activities you usually do, and the needs you have in your day to day life.
  • The degree of hearing loss.
  • The physiology of the ear external ear canal and the patient.
  • The ability of the elderly person to use electronic devices and new technologies.
  • The need to use one or two hearing aids, although two are usually recommended.

After a thorough examination of the case and the choice made, it is necessary to establish a period of adaptation to the hearing aid user. It is carried out in the first weeks, during which the values of the device are programmed and readjusted, according to the sensations that the bearer refers to. In the following revisions programming changes will be assessed, as a result of higher own hearing loss of aging.

In the case of the elderly, especially if you have long without listening well, usually from a programming with the volume for the change is not too radical, and gradually get used to wearing it.

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