Here’s How Windows 10 The Facial Recognition Log-In Works

Here's How The Facial Recognition Log-In Windows 10 Works - -
Here's How The Facial Recognition Log-In Windows 10 Works - -

One of the important new features of Windows 10 is the new biometric identification system, called Windows Hello, promises to reduce our dependence on password, thus offering more comfort and safety. This is achieved by using devices such as iris readers, 3D cameras and fingerprint readers, which recognize our identity to allow you to log not only in the operating system, but also applications and Web services.

Using face recognition to log had already been officially launched by Microsoft.


The face recognition function is shown from 9:10 minutes ahead

The virtue of this camera is that it delivers three outputs or outputs that Windows can then be used to verify our identity: the classic color image, infrared image, and a “3D map”. These pieces of information are combined to Windows Hello can recognize even if we use lenses, or have we grown a beard , and also to distinguish our face of a printed photograph.

The facial recognition system also allows initiate session almost instantly after opening the laptop, without typing a password. As our user we choose the camera starts to identify, and in less than 1 second is already able to recognize in order to start loading our session.

However, Windows gives the option to configure additional layers of security that impede further income to our team. For example, you can demand that we turn our head to the left and right before unlocking the session, so that the “3D map” created by the camera more accurate.

Hello Windows will be available with Windows 10 for PCs and mobile on all computers that have the necessary sensors to this characteristic, namely, fingerprint reader, reader iris, and / or 3D camera.