Hermes, the robot with human reflexes

Hermes, the robot with human reflexes -
Hermes, the robot with human reflexes -

From MIT they are working on a system to allow connection is the human who controls the movements of robots.

The said experts in robotics are one of the problems that scientists are to get the robots having reflexes. Today it is hard to get a robot to be able to have reflexes that prevent an accident or some kind of impact. It is something that is innate in people, but that still has not managed to introduce in the configuration of the robots so that they benefit from it. The solution posed from MIT is a little different than what we would have imagined, because it seems to take a step back.

What they have invented a robot called Hermes, that part of the concept of remote control we have also seen in many movies and science fiction books. The system involves a person, a human, the robot remotely controlled by a technology team. Therefore, the robot wins human reflexes, being able to respond effectively even in the most difficult situations. The human, to carry out the control, you need to wear a heartrate, but nothing that is far longer than we could imagine.

Therefore, the robot does not have autonomy, but is controlled remotely, with all that that implies for efficiency of their actions and movements.

The main proposed Hermes advantageous aspect is that the human, obviously, this system can implement long-awaited reflexes robot manufacturers. The reactions of the robot would be rapid and natural because they would be driven by the human distance. Also, if something happened to the robot, the human would not damaged in any way. This is a very positive time to see how much you can do with a good robot in dangerous situations appearance. It is so bet MIT, not to create intelligent robots, but by enhancing human resources through the essence of robots.

MIT specialists who will implement in the future of their own intelligence and mobility for the robot is not just a remote resource managed said. It is something that will be added in the future, but it seems that any freedom to be given to the machine will be in the background due to the active role of man.

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