How to Hide any Android Apps – Solution

hide android app

In our previous article we have explained how to hide files and folders on Android. In this article we will be talking about hiding Android apps. Many times there is the need to want to hide Android applications that we have in our mobile. This can be for security or privacy reasons. There are many ways to do that, we will explain one of them and it is the simplest.

What you have to do first is to download the application called “Hide App-Hide Application Icon“. You’ll find it available in the Google Play Store. The App hides the icons of the applications that you want to hide. Doing this with the naked eye you will not even know that you have the applications hidden in your phone. Because you are directly hiding the icons from which they are accessed.

It’s as simple as selecting the apps you want to hide.

How to hide Android apps

The application can be protected by a password so that unauthorised persons do not access it.

Things I could watch from the app to hide Android apps


  • The application consumes few resources.
  • Low weight (about 3MB)
  • You can set a password for the application, thus preventing unauthorised people from accessing it.
  • It complies with what it promises (Hide Android applications so others do not access them).
  • So far we have not found bugs or errors.


  • The application needs to be rooted, although at present it is not difficult to be root in any Android mobile.
  • In order to run an already hidden application you need to display it necessarily. There should be an option that allows me to run it without showing it.
  • If you uninstall the application you need to show the applications already hidden, because they are hidden when uninstalling the application “Hide App-Hide Application Icon”.
  • It is only in English (So far).

If you have any other way to hide Android applications or if you have any doubts leave it in the comments.