Hitlist an App to travel the world at a lower price | Review - tinoshare.com

[Review] Hitlist the application to find cheap flights without having to search, introduces its second version.

Although the number of services focused on the search and purchase of air travel is increasing, the process of booking a flight through a smartphone is an experience that still has much to improve. Thus in early 2014 it was released Hitlist , one focusing on ‘mobile first’ application, which aims to help people to travel more, presenting the right information at the right time.

“We wanted to make the perfect application for those who are always thinking about your next trip. Hitlist team consists of people who loves to travel, and so they wanted to mold what we would like to use. It is designed for people who travel a lot and for those who do not begin to do it. ”

Hitlist an App to travel the world at a lower price | Review - tinoshare.com

This new version of Hitlist, which already has 200,000 users, mostly from the United States differs from the previous mainly by having better performance and greater support in Latin America and Europe. In addition, users have the ability to mark the places of departure in order to meet all flights departing from secondary airports, which usually operate low-cost airlines.

“We want just by clicking on the destination you want to go, you’ve done all the work necessary to find flights. These will be coming to your Smartphone, classified according to price or filtered through an algorithm that we have developed to present the most convenient flights. “

Hitlist an App to travel the world at a lower price | Review - tinoshare.com

Hitlist can display thousands of locations all over the world, the distance to each location and the time it would take the user to get there. In addition, people who have this application can make the cities who wish to visit and those that have already visited.

“We recommend entering the application with Facebook, so you can see as if at any destination lives a friend or acquaintance. Also, you know where your friends have been and will ask their advice about the place “

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