How do your readers and followers share your content?


If you want to get good results, you have to work with good tools, you have to design good strategies and especially have to implement some tactics to help you reach more people with the actions you take. Today I want to explain how you can make your fans / followers and visitors to your blog or website become your main ambassadors. To achieve this you need to add calls to action in different places you see along the post.

How to make your readers share your posts

Let’s start with the blog, because in many cases, it is often the epicenter of the communication of a brand that works with a solid content strategy.

Sometimes we write very nice and attractive articles and we think our readers will share our post with their friends from where we will expect more visitors to that article. That’s what we think. But in reality things are different. Just because we focus on expecting our article to appear in social media, we forget giving value in our posts. A very good tip for this is to ask you to focus on writing in a way so that readers could find a solution to what they were looking for.

If your article is about some topics, give it a value. To do this, you have to ask yourself a question “Is my reader going to understand the main idea of the subject?”

If your article is more of Image gallery, mention a caption describing on what do you think about that particular image. In this way you will awake a challenge to some readers who may not agree with what you say and others will appreciate for further details of that image.

I’ll share some other ideas and tools to put in place these actions today:

  • Highlight buttons on your posts to share in the best way. There are many free and paid plugins that can help you, for example, you can configure “Sumome” social networks share. You can also hide the total of times your post that has been shared in the network if you are under X interactions. It’s no nonsense, but if people come to your posts and see that few people have shared then they may think otherwise. As many shares, that many shares.
  • Offer value and downloadable content in exchange for social actions. With this technique I managed to build a community of valuable followers, as it sought to users interested in my content. With the plugin Social Locker you can get it easily.  
  • Add the option to share images that offers free. So when people pass over an image you will automatically exit the option you can share on social networks.
  • Include graphics/images in your posts.
  • Click to tweet – adds different headlines or phrases in your post so that your users are motivated to share content.

How to share your video on Youtube

  • Make notes in the middle of your video with video links to share.
  • At the end of your video adds notes of different colors to make sharing links to the different social networks and social actions. I share an example of Ikea, as you will see at the end of the video there are the three buttons to social networks and then if you click on each of them, they take you directly to each network with the message that they have pre-determined.

Screenshot 29.07.2015 at 13.06.11

PS: Youtube can only add links in your videos that are associated to your website. So after creating the social network link, you have to create a custom link to your domain.


How to share your content on social networks

  • At the end of you post, ask your followers/readers to share your content; sure some will do.
  • Use attractive images. Users love to share those images. A good idea for this is to have Pinterest plugin installed so that your readers will share images from where your post will be attached with image.

Tools for your custom publishing in social networks 

These tools will help you to predetermine the text and link you want to share with your users. It is ideal for digital actions and also offline, type QR codes.

  • Share Link Generator – that allows you to generate a custom link to the messages you want to share on social networks. It works for Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook (limited), Linkedin, Pinterest and even email.

  • Hrefshare – it is a complete super to create social networking messages with custom text. It is best to let you upload your own picture for Facebook posts and this is better.

  • Donordigital – this application allows you to create social networking links with your own message customizing various fields, especially on Facebook.

  • Click to tweet – with this application you can create custom Twitter links and access metrics.

You can also create these links yourself, I left a “cheat sheet” so you can replace your text and create links.

  • Facebook:****
  • Twitter:****
  • Linkedin: *****

General recommendations

  • Use catchy titles in your publications which will show up in social networking, blog and your email marketing campaigns.
  • Re-share your content with different images and headlines from time to time.

I hope you like the post and you to get more viral with your content. If you have more ideas please leave them in comments.