How Much Is a Media Plan or Planning | Branding and Marketing Tips


A media plan determines where, how and when you will promote your products and services in the mass media. To do so requires a comprehensive analysis of the habits of your target audience that determines what media is more akin and how often consume slots.

Any company that wants to grow to a level beyond the local level,  must have a media plan and a strategy of active communication leading to gradually building one brand strong and trustworthy. Only in this way will you will ensure that your messages reach the right audience at the right time and place.

What is the target of a media plan?

The purpose of a plan is to get media presence in major online portals and print media content that are related to your market, to increase your visibility and position yourself as a benchmark and expert in your field.

Why do you need it?

To strengthen the image of your company by increasing confidence in your products. This way you will achieve that increase your sales thanks to the loyalty of your customers and attracting new ones.

What constituent parts?

A media plan consists of several pieces of content in different formats, from which you can choose those that are most appropriate for your business and current situation. The most common are:

  • Press release: Writing an article today that is newsworthy and sending them to different media.
  • Conference or press event: Selecting and inviting the appropriate means in addition to the preparation of the necessary material.
  • Press kit: Writing and designing a corporate document containing detailed and timeless information about your company. Must be constantly updated.
  • Interview: Search media and journalists for the publication of the interview and material management for the realization of it.

 What is your price?

The price of a media plan will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Number of pieces of content that you need.
  • The media format of your plan (online: blogs, online newspapers, or offline press, radio, television)
  • The importance of the media that want to go. It’s not the same one that a local one national newspaper.
  • The length of your plan in time. If only there is a punctual shipment or whether it will be a plan that will last a month for example.

To start from € 50 you can have the most basic plan, which would draft a press release, distribution and monitoring. The advice if you get better results, is to invest a little more and hire a plan that includes follow-up actions to ensure that information reached the appropriate means.