How to attract new customers in less than 5 days | Best Tricks and Tips


Any small business faces a major challenge in its early days of operation: how to attract customers when you have a base of buyers and still no one knows your brand.

No matter how innovative or original is your product or service: if consumers do not know that you exist, it is impossible to be attracted by what you sell.

Although getting your first customers can be a challenging task for your business, here I will show eight effective strategies that will help make it easier and with which you can make your first sale in less than a week.

How to attract new customers in less than 5 days

1. Know who your customers are

I never tire of repeating because it is the first rule of thumb in any strategy of selling: if you want to find customers for your business, you must know them first.

How to attract customers

How? Giving you several questions to determine what their exact profile, so you can know and focus on what you really need to offer. Some issues need to think about are:

  • What ages are they?
  • Are they women, men, kids?
  • What do they really value?
  • How can you help your product or service?
  • Why will they buy from you and not from your competitors?
  • What physical locations and social networks you have that moves your clientele?

Once you’ve answered, you can begin to develop specific messages to lure them in places where they move (both physical and online).


2. Give them free samples

All new items purchased without knowing if they will work as we want, but to try something before buying it makes us put more confidence and we are more confident that our acquisition is correct.

So prepare some free samples of your products to give your potential customers and provide a free service to prove how good is your service.

For example, if you give courses, you can provide a small free class as a demonstration.

Be careful with this method and calculate well if you spend on these promotions; as it will get you more customers or just people who want to take advantage and live with free samples.


3. Promote

This strategy may be a little pinch in your budget, but I assure you it is infallible.

Sure to promote your business you thought of distributing advertising/flyers/business in hand down the street, right? But why not change those boring pamphlets for some more fun object and they remember it best?

For example, you can buy in batches bottled water, remove their labels, and stick others with the logo, name, and address or website of your business, and distribute them on the street in any area where you know there may be customers to your business.

Think of an article you can buy in bulk for a low price, which can be useful for several people, and stamped on it the image of your business and data so they can visit.

4. Use social networks

In the past it has been that time in which we only used Facebook to upload personal photos and comment on those of our friends; Now, social networks have become the advertising heart of any company worth its salt.

Use the profile that elaborate on the first point to know who your customers are, and look at what platforms .

Create an account on each and publish promotions, information about your products, content that may be useful …

Do not be afraid to contact in this way with influencers that could give a boost to your business: strikes up conversations with them, show them what you sell, send samples if necessary, and ask them to promote your business.


5. Attend events in your area

Visit fairs, exhibitions and activities related to your industry that are held to provide attendees with information about your business conventions and get contacts and potential new customers.

How to attract customers

In these events you can even find investors and potential partners that receive valuable advice to give you even more success to your enterprise.


6. Start a newsletter to attract customers

A newsletter can be very useful to attract customers new to the Internet; although, of course, you need to have a website or blog to start it.

How to attract customers

Create unique and compelling content and then give them to visitors to your site completely free when they subscribe to your newsletter. This will not only position you as an expert, and you also get emails from prospective clients.

When you already have these email addresses, you can start communicating with these potential customers by offering information, promotions and discounts on your business.


7. Offer discounts with a time limit

To achieve attract customers in the shortest time possible, you can create special promotions for the first buyers. For example, providing discount coupons valid for 15 or 30 days.

So you will ensure that those people buy your products or try your services as fast as possible to keep these vouchers have given; without that you will form a customer base in a few days.


8. Show your work

Customers want to see results, but how will you show them if you’ve never worked with them? The best place to start is creating a powerful online portfolio (a kind of catalog of your best products or services).

There are many ways to show this kind of online portfolios, ranging from:

  • Create a website
  • A single page that is a portfolio into your blog
  • Or with links to social networks

Once you have chosen the best way to show what you sell, consider include the logos of the companies with which you have worked previously (if applicable) and one video introducing yourselfand showing your best goods.

By creating an online portfolio (Blog) you are not only giving your customers an idea of the quality that is your job, but you’re also establishing a trust in them that they will know that time, you can handle the job to commission you.


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