How To Avoid Your Google Adsense Account From Getting Banned | Not to Get Banned from Adsense Tips


If you are reading this then you probably know that Google Adsense is the most popular advertisment service that gives you recurring income but, many people don’t read the Adsense policies which is very important and they usually violate AdSense Terms and conditions without knowing.So, what is the result? They get a letter in their email  that their accounts have been disabled. Many times, fraud clicks are the main cause. But there could be many other reasons for it to be disabled.

Well, If you wish to stay and keep your Google Adsense account safe then read below post and detain mind the subsequent rules to be in an exceedingly safe aspect :

  • Try to not use adult, violent or advocating racial intolerance content on your website. Adsense is strictly against on this.

  • Copying other’s article. Don’t copy and paste any article from the other web site or blogs. Google will simply resolve that one is original and that is derived.

  • Clicking your own ads. Never click on your own ads. Google can analyze all the clicks created on your ad units from your IP or either if you click it from friends phone or either tell your friends to click your ads.  You can’t lie google so be honest.

  • Displaying AdSense ads in floating boxes. Do not show Adsense ads in floating boxes with pictures or texts that would overlap or cowl the ads. Somehow, you’ll be able to use floating text, pictures on your web site below the condition that they do not play along with your Adsense ads.

  • Placing Unit Texts. Do not place higher than your Adsense ad units texts like “Click on ad below”, “Please click below” etc. instead you’ll be able to use label headings as “sponsored links”, “advertisements” , “I recommend” or “I suggest”.

You should have a privacy policy page that must contain an outline regarding the utilization of Google AdSense on your web site. This is often the most recent policy introduced by Google. Several Bloogers and webmasters do not know about it which ends in their account getting banned.

  • Don’t place unwanted links, pop-ups on your web site. Keep interface quite neat and clean with correct navigation and everyone (Google loves if the web site is elegant and classic). Google additionall appearance for the standard of internet sites.

  • Hide Adsense ad units from Contact and Privacy Policy page

  • Never place quite 3 ad units and 3 ad links or a pair of AdSense search boxes on any web content.

  • Do not confuse with adjacent pictures – it had been a standard policy to extend CTR by putting same range of pictures because the range of text ads, that incorrectly gave the impression that the text ads delineated  a proof to those pictures. Inserting alittle gap or space or a line between the pictures and ads isn’t allowed. make certain that the ads and pictures aren’t organized in an exceedingly manner that would simply mislead or confuse your visitors. read more in additional regarding this

  • Do not send your Google AdSense ad code to anyone.

  • Never place your Google ads any unit below any change posture menu, if you are doing thus you’re violating Google Adsense TOS.

  • Never place Adsense ads on empty pages (pages with no content), pop-up pages, error pages, contact forms or registration pages.

I will be updating additional regarding this subject shortly. Please also read the other articles concerning Adsense. I believe and hope for the most effective that your blog or web site are going to be approved and you’ll make cash out of it once reading our articles.