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How To Be A Great Seller + Sales Techniques - Business Tips & Tricks -
How To Be A Great Seller + Sales Techniques - Business Tips & Tricks -

There are two important things to learn in life: one is to learn certain concepts about money, and the other is learning how to sell.  A businessman who used to say success is for those who know how to sell. Perhaps the vendors have a bad reputation, and I understand after meeting some characters so, I recommend you read these two articles:

Probably the sales profession or trade is one of the most undervalued professions in the labor market and the companies themselves. For me, however, the seller is the engine of a company, and if I have learned in this profession is that at the company wins best sales professionals, just as a playing field the best athletes win.


Moreover, with simple techniques of sales to subsidiaries of a trade, the company can grow its sales significantly. First things are always first:

1. Why should you learn about sales?

In this life, everything is a continuous and constant sale. The first thing that you sell, as a person, as a worker, or brand image. When you go to a job interview, you’re selling, and many of the techniques used in sales are exactly the same as those used in an interview. Even if you go to “bind” a Saturday night, you’re selling, trying to introduce your product ahead of the competition. And not always win the most attractive product (best design). Sometimes Wins the product with better functionality (better performance), but you must know what the customer wants to buy and know how to sell it.

The problem that vendors have such a bad reputation in some areas is because they were liars tagged, vicious and johns in many cases, although it is clear that some of the fault lies with companies, mainly due to considering that serves any vendor, end up hiring people who lack the training, skills and competence to pursue this complicated world that today does not teach you in school.

“It’s not that sellers are vicious, lying and johns, it is that companies hire any liar, vicious and john for a job that is not suitable, as in this If sales are. “

Robert Louis Stevenson -had it right when he wrote “Everyone lives by selling something. ” I used to say that whatever you do in life, sales skills will help (no exceptions). In fact, part of Apple’s success has been due to Steve Jobs knew sale and some of the doubts that now generates new CEO Tim Cook is not know how to sell.

How to be a big seller?

The first thing to be a big seller is to sell something that you create by your own. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, the fact that make money by selling something you do not really like as a seller. The first thing to know is the sales cycle. Regardless of what you sell, whether we speak of combs like we’re going to holdings of investment funds, the steps do not vary at all.

  • 1. The sale begins with our initial presentation.
  • 2. We got information about that person through a chat and detect their needs (if any, will be created).
  • 3. We seek the way to meet that need with our product or service.
  • 4. Objections and / or questions to refute and / or respond
  • 5. Closing the Sale
I remember Ira Kalb, president of  Kalb & Associates  and professor of marketing at the School of Business at the University of Southern California claimed to have 5 Steps for a sales cycle, which ensured that the best salespeople get potential customers everywhere.
An example of what a salesman in the film Glengarry Glen Ross, who despite not give very reputable sellers, shows how in the middle of the business storm when everyone is complaining about sales and looking for customers Traditionally, Al Pacino gets a sale without apparently working. That is an example of intelligent sales, as the best sales arise naturally where “you need something and I can help.” Information about your client.
Information is power. Before selling make sure what your client really wants to buy and if they have the power to make a purchase decision to avoid wasting time.
Track your sales system.
Sales are also statistics. Occasionally, some strategies do not give the results of what we might expect, to change in our way or sales process, take a statistical record. I know many will seem silly, but that record leads us to avoid falling into the trap of thinking that doing the same thing can get different results.

5 questions to help you seize the time:

1. What do you want or need? The answer to this simple question (and sometimes forgotten) will facilitate the management of all subsequent stages of the sales cycle.
2. When do you want? There are real people buying interest, but you want within eight months, and that is what is called a cold customer, also known as a complete and utter waste of time.
3. Are you thinking about other options? Do not be afraid to ask this question because it is part of the natural sale of our client. So you know against whom to compete in that sale. Your own customer that will give inside information about your competition. That’s very useful for the future.
4. Who is involved in the purchase decision? This question should not be done directly, but indirectly. Remember that most newbie marketers lose a lot of time explaining the whole process of a sale to a person who did not decide to purchase. Sometimes many companies come and lose the whole story to one of the 20 secretaries, regardless of whether the Secretary has spent 10 years with the company or is practical.

5. How you intended to spend? Clear this questionnaire to avoid losing time promoting the benefits of products that are out of the budget. In this way we will promote the benefits of the products that are within the client’s budget.

When we go to make presentations.

Here are some techniques to be a good speaker, which need a sale of this type, especially if we are to make a presentation.
  • Thoroughly investigating the company.
  • Investigate the prospects of the company.
  • Make a fun, simple presentation, focused on the essential and if possible short and few talking points.
  • Be prepared for the questioning.

And always ready to take that Murphy’s Law is no-nonsense and sometimes is very present. If that happens, try to handle it properly, and if nothing you can do, it is not the end of the world.

3 Signs to look for a seller.

As sellers, we should seek 3 signals that require immediate action:
1. The customer wants to buy: Do not waste time and give the pen to sign.
2. Rejection: The seller has lost or is in immediate process of losing the sale and must do something to recover the interest immediately. Either offer something best or prove that your product is what you need and it is the best that you can find in others company.
3. Objections: Many recommend ignoring the objections of the customers and give them no importance. That may work in the film, because in reality if you do not answer an objection and still like that, you lose a 99% probability sale.
These are some of the many techniques taught in sales and that every person, employee or entrepreneur should learn to be successful in what they do.
There are countless techniques to positively refute objections and even to convert to an upset customer in a new sale.
Remember that in a sale it is always selling something: “or you sell your product or the customer sells you a reason not to buy it, but selling, always” (I think this phrase appeared in the movie “Boiler Room”).