How To Become A Successful Youtube-Blogger: Tips For Beginners

Become A Successful Youtube Blogger

Step # 1. If you want to become video blogger, you must first decide what you want to tell your future audience. Will this be a Make-up, hair care, or a fashion trend, technology, news/. – it is important that you are well versed in the subject.

Step # 2. Bloggers should love their audience and continuously communicate with them, because YouTube – is an interactive platform that allows you to be constantly in touch with the audience. Ask the opinion of subscribers, ask questions about their interests, answer them in the “comments” – all this will allow you to know better than your audience interested and what they would like to see on the channel.

Step # 3. Be sure to pay attention to the style and design of your channel. Firstly, it is important to come up with an original and easy to remember. Secondly, it is necessary to add to it a bright and at the same time understandable description, tell them “who you are”, “what you do”, “what they can learn from your videos and other fun facts”.

Step # 4. The viewer should feel your professionalism and involvement in the matter from the beginning to the end of the video. Think about all the details that can emphasize your individuality: the new stylish makeup perfectly matched to the music. The viewer is nice to look at the quality video, with competently assembled transitions and effects, with musical substrates and well-modulated sound without background noise.

Step # 5.  Before you capture video, make sure your camera and microphone capable of providing high-quality entries, and selected music and content complies with the law on copyright and the principles of community video hosting. It would be useful to get acquainted with a variety of programs for recording, processing of images and sound. So your channel will attract not only the content, but also the quality of the video.

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Step # 6. If the channel is developing well, you are constantly uploading new videos, the number of your subscribers are growing, then you have every chance to get into the affiliate program and earn money by displaying advertising in the videos, or even use youtube’s ads. Moreover, bloggers often appear sponsors, and they begin to work with well-known brands. For example, L’Oreal company recently invited Nicole Gurierro in its program of Destination Beauty, in which beauty bloggers YouTube share their tips. But Mary Wei won the battle Russian bloggers from Samsung.

We asked Irene Vladi, the popular Russian beauty-blogger (more than 150 ths. Subscribers and 15 million. Views), and author of women’s channel of beauty and personal care, “Secrets of Irene Vladi” share her secrets of success on YouTube:

  • I think that the secret of any blogger on YouTube – is the actual supply of quality content for a certain category of viewers. Attention female audience can be won only topics that concern and interest to each of us. Hairstyles, make-up, cosmetics, personal care, purchase, construction, cooking secrets and tips for life – I found its audience thanks to these topics.That’s what interested me the most sincere. And I just started talking about it. Next on the principle of “like to like” I began to subscribe to the girl, whose interests coincide with mine.
  • Good results, I think, can only be achieved in the area where you put a lot of work, sincere interest and soul. Success can be achieved only in favorite business that you like and which you are familiar.
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His / Her advice on how to achieve success, we also gave Katja Ilyinykh leading popular-sounding blog KatyaWorld (more than 300 thousand Subscribers and 54 million Views):

  • To get the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, you will need not only talent and charisma, but also patience and hard work.
  • It is important to decide on a topic that will interest both you and the audience. If you really love what you do and your audience, they will love you in return and you will be trusted. And, therefore, your video will be popular. When I started shooting video, I had an audience that in the future became adviser, inspired and friend rolled into one. Therefore the interests of the new and lovingly share it with the public.
  • Videos on the channel should appear regularly, at least 1 time per week. You must have an uncontrollable desire to continually shoot new and exciting stories.
  • Remember when your channel will become popular, interesting to others, be sure there will be people who will not like it. It is inevitable criticism. Constructive criticism helps to develop and grow even more. This incentive! Destructive criticism – the success rate. And it should be taken with a laugh and a smile.
  • Do not stop before what is not, go straight ahead! I sincerely wish the great success! Archive Press Services article by