How To Enjoy Public Speaking | Motivation and Techniques of Public Speaking Tips and Activities


Public Speaking (or Public Speaking Activities) is one of the unfinished business of the Spaniards and the matter should better control , it is essential not only in the professional field, but also on staff. I am not mistaken if I say that the vast majority of people have had to speak in public more than once: an oral presentation at school, a presentation of a project in college, a brief introduction of a business plan, a words of thanks at a wedding, a toast at Christmas dinner … Chances can be infinite along with life, and because they have not prepared us to master this skill, this time can become true irrational traumas.

What can we do to enjoy the public speaking?

  • Identifies and master your fear.Generating fears public speaking can be many: fear of ridicule, to laugh, to humiliate us, to stay blank, not knowing to live (a ribbon that we put ourselves) … but all these fears may be insignificant if we learn to control the situation.

    If you ask ourselves what we fear, what we have and how we can overcome it.

    All these fears are negative projections pour continuously in our mind and that may weaken us. If instead of imagining all these catastrophes visualizásemos far as something nice, you will like a sympathetic audience that knows the effort we are making, probably we would enjoy from speaking in public. So it all depends on our attitude and the confidence we have in ourselves.

  • Seek support to strengthen your confidence.
    The best way to enhance security we feel about ourselves is that we control the situation. To do this we must:

    • Master the subject which we will talk. (Practice with the subject and make yourself ready for that speach)
    • Text thinking, write our public that we will listen.
    • Rehearsing our discourse vocalizing and making the necessary pauses.
    • Practice in front of a mirror, and if possible record in video to study the mistakes and correct them.
    • Attending courses in public speaking, classes that allow us to familiarize ourselves with these skills, such as theater or ballet and take every opportunity to speak in public, for all skill learned by practicing.
  • Put passion in everything you say or do.Take care of aspects such as rhythm or emphasis on certain words, breaks or time and pays special attention to body language of postures, gestures or eye contact. Because everything is communicating.

Therefore, rather than speaking in public, you must learn the skill to convey. It’s not about throwing up a speech studied that bored ourselves, but sincerely believe in what we are saying. From our confidence and passion in what we do, will depend  on our credibility and success , it is what separates the good from the bad speakers.