How to Get a Nurse Job In Australia | Job Tips and Tricks

How to Get a Nurse Job In Australia | Job Tips and Tricks -
How to Get a Nurse Job In Australia | Job Tips and Tricks -

One of the countries in which many nurses from different countries of the world want to go to work is Australia. There are several reasons why it is an appropriate country to perform this function. A major one is that Australia provides constant for those who develop this work in clinics and hospitals in this country preparation.

Another reason is the type of the wage earned in this country. The remuneration of nurses in Australia is working hours. What are the requirements for employment as a nurse in Australia? The following article will detail what the requirements are that you must have to perform this work in Australia.


Due to the shortage of nurses is in Australia, the US government provides facilities for professionals who decide to exercise this race. Nurses have facilities for temporary work visa or Australian resident depending on country of origin. To register for the skilled migration program.

Nurses must to have completed certain requirements as studies and be registered as a nurse in her home country, be less than 45 years and have a minimum of 12 months experience certificate.



Regarding work experience, nurses who have a year of experience can apply for a temporary visa to work as nurses, those who have less time experience should continue his career in Australia before practicing.

In both cases, the nurses from foreign countries will spend a period of training, this period is one year, it is led by the school of nursing and Australian maternity (ANMC) and is carried out in health centers the region in which they reside. In approving the changes successfully, the nurse can begin to work.



Language is one of the most important for obtaining the visa requirements and employment in Australia. According to the immigration laws of Australia, nurses and professionals who wish to work in this country must to have advanced level English.

English proficiency is measured by a test that the applicant must be located within the C2 level of the Common European Framework. But in addition to this test, during adaptation, nurses receive a course of technical English concerning nursing.



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If you want to be quickly hired by a hospital or clinic in Australia, you must apply for a specialization in some of the technical schools of medicine. When making your registration for specialization, clinics and hospitals in you see a worker in power that aims to pursue a career in nursing.

Among the specialties you can choose is the senior care, newborn care, care for people with mental problems, intensive care and emergency among others. At the end some of these specialties will perceive a higher have only basic studies in nursing salary.



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