How to get followers on Instagram? | Tricks & Tips

How to get followers on Instagram? | Tricks & Tips -
How to get followers on Instagram? | Tricks & Tips -

Now you probably know how to get followers in Twitter and YouTube, things that we have already spoken in other article, and your next goal may be Instagram?. This social service, focusing on photo-sharing among millions of people, has become one of the most used by users worldwide.

Its main attraction is that, being focused entirely on photos, those who enter do not have to deal with other publications. Instagram lives and reproduces the photos environment, nothing less. People found in this network a good platform to make personal publications easily, since you just have to upload a photo and virtually no need to include more or less information. This has also attracted many people and even some have become real leaders or Instagram trends.

But how can we be like them and gain more followers? There are some tricks that we can apply. The fundamental factor is that we have to be active. We can not sit around waiting for the fans to come to us. We’ll have waved us followers of other people and create a good bond of interaction.

This involves us followers, comment and upload some photos they like to see. Anything goes, but it is important that we try to maintain some credibility to what we do. That is, I do not like in a picture that seems horrendous. It is very important to maintain a certain level of logic in everything we do as we move through Instagram, because in the end everything is connected in one way or another.

Likewise, if we see that someone has found our photos and has posted a comment, it would be very positive for us to answer, if only to be nice and tell them thanks for the review. This way we express ourselves, to tell the world that we are there and we are more than a body that publishes photographs without more, we will help a lot to have more and more presence in the time spent by users on Instagram. And every interaction we do bring us a little closer to being on track to achieve a higher level of popularity.

If you have a good account of Facebook with many followers, we recommend that because this can lead to you to have more success. The reason for this is that Instagram is a company owned by Facebook. Watch some videos to know more tips.


  1. Personally for me the best way to get more followers is using apps like and it find real followers that much better than stupid fakes and bots. I don’t chase numbers but I want to share my stuff with people. And sometimes process stops.