How to get free traffic step by step from 0 (Zero) | Top Blogging Tips and Tricks

How to get free traffic step by step from 0 (Zero) | Top Blogging Tips and Tricks -
How to get free traffic step by step from 0 (Zero) | Top Blogging Tips and Tricks -

After analyzing where your target audience where you could check on the above, it is time to create and optimize your social networks. Prepare some quality pictures that represent good to you and to your business. Edit them to suit different sizes of different social networks, carries descriptions of your company (each for social network) where you include keywords in your business and your url.

Use a tool like Hootsuite  to manage your various social networking profiles, use private lists on Twitter and some public if so require. I recommend you organize everything for subjects with which better encounter.
Prepare a timetable for publication (type that you’ve done for posts) and a few publications for the various social networks, picture symbols , carefully selecting the hashtags of your thematic and program them all.If there is somewhere not publish externally pure, put an alarm and published daily. I for example, Facebook has scheduled publications from own Social Network since long said that with the external tools visibility is decreased.
As you can imagine, it is not enough to publish on social networks, so I recommend you use them for communicate with potential customers, people in your industry and build relationships with influencers .

Note: Each social network has its own way of acting and not all match the best hours, look at how they do the big brands that are generating more engagement in social networks  and see what works best.For Twitter using tools like Social Bro .

Locate forums and blogs in your niche with more traffic

Leave several days in them meaningful comments, comments that puts you as an expert in your field and people feel like flipping follow up to your website.

With tools like BoardReader  you can monitor forums, including keywords and notes in a spreadsheet which are forums in which you’re going to act. Also, you can subscribe to alerts via email. To find blogs in your niche you can use Google Blog Search and enter keywords there. It is acting on blogs that more activity (+ engagement comments on social networks) have. See also on social networks like Twitter and Google Plus to act new blogs in the profiles of users and communities.

It operates daily, leaving interesting comments and see how you get relevant traffic to your site. You can also use payment tools (very good) as ahrefs act and see where the top five of your competition (keyword), sure to find something interesting to act and do some link building site.

You can also act in question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers questions about your topic, respond and take the chance to send traffic to your website. In English you have Quora . Depending on your theme you will get more or less of this game but browse and leave your message with a nofollow link, you lose nothing but the opposite.

Using tools like Buzzbundle (free version) can monitor keywords on the Internet, post and comment in real time on social networks, blogs, forums, video platforms and sites of questions and answers. It also has other interesting utilities as add various profiles in spreadsheets.

Note: Remember to make the Google Authorship  to display your image in the articles of your blog and improve your CTR.

Try to keep your visitors as long as possible

After visiting your website or blog, we want our visitors to be as long as possible on our site. This can get, in addition to writing quality content designed to meet the needs of our ideal customer, in several ways:

  • Articles posting multimedia content: images, video, audio, computer graphics.
  • Linking our items. You can link your articles using the keywords for which you want to position, so they go from one post to another (or else that interests us, as buying / downloading a product / service). You can use the plugin SEO Smart Links
  • Use plugins like WordPress Related Posts to display your content related articles.

Are between one and two articles to complete the series with this, as have some new duties if you followed the previous series. You have doubts? Would you add anything to this series of tasks to get free traffic to your site?