How to get free traffic step by step from Zero | Top Blogging Tips and Tricks

How to get free traffic step by step from Zero | Top Blogging Tips and Tricks -
How to get free traffic step by step from Zero | Top Blogging Tips and Tricks -

I assume that if you’re not riding a blog from 0, have recently mounted a blog and you’re not sure where to start to get traffic to your blog. Follow these steps and begin to experience how your traffic grows exponentially from the first month.

Make your Ideal Customer Profile

Before starting a project we should be clear about who we want to decide. Not worth the typical phrase “anyone who has this problem” or “the other”.  For best results we get to know our ideal customer (or ideal clients). What are their needs and weaknesses, where it moves, what kind of content they are looking … essential information for developing a marketing strategy around that ideal client or customer.

Choosing keywords

Choose from 4-8 keyword two generic terms that defines your business. If you have any questions, analyzes two or three sites in Google Analytics and see what keywords they have chosen and look at the titles used in the home and other pages.

Use these generic keywords and include them on the menu of your blog and categories, always with the utmost respect and thinking help user navigation. Of these generic keywords, extracts all the long tail keywords you can, making them words of 3-4 terms related to your business. We will use for inclusion in the article titles and labels. We will also use these keywords in our multimedia content and the alt of images.

Note: In this example, we are indexing categories. It includes a description of each category of 250 words to like Google more and never you include a label in one post, to repeat as little in two so that there is no duplicate content.

Do a brainstorming and preparing titles for your articles

With long tail keywords chosen and clearly the theme of what you’re going to treat your blog, we start thinking for our content titles. We can help you in what you are doing online competition analyzing their posts one to one and watching them being more successful and awaken emotions on readers.

Draw up a timetable for publication of contents and choose your days of writing

Some people prefer to write several posts in a day or, on the contrary, others choose to write several days a week at a time when they feel more lucid.

In general, something that always works in all thematic articles are:

  • How to do something
  • How to get something
  • How to get something in a limited time
  • Enumerated lists (Top 10 Asian restaurants in Madrid)
  • Shares / trick realizadan experts
  • Interviews with industry experts

We recommend that you write articles of 380-400 words at least, more if it makes sense and entertain the reader. Google likes long articles and even though we live in the age of information overload, these are the most widely shared.

It includes photos and sometimes videos (even external) in your posts to increase the residence time of your readers.

Prepare a delicious free gift to attract subscribers

Usually we talk about information material as it can be an ebook with step by step very valuable information, a short course (or not so mini) or, in cases such as fashion or restaurants, a discount for the next purchase.

If you have any questions, investigates what is giving the competition and improve it. In the case of Digital Marketing, many top bloggers get much of the course which they sell for free. You have free access to high-level information that not only leaves you with a great taste, but hungry for more . … If I think this for free, how will the rest!

Not skimp with your gift to collect emails, cúrratelo!

Send a first message of welcome (in plain text) discussing what to expect from your course (or free gift) you are offering and contact information and, if you like, a gift.

You can use platforms like MailChimp and Aweber for the design, delivery and monitoring of email marketing.

Note: Make a pdf with good images and screenshots with examples for easy reading and learning. If you have time, record your progress and make a video tutorial programs as Camstudio  (free) or Camstasia (surcharge) which is generally used for Video course.


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