How to Increase PC Performance for Gaming? | Tips and Tricks


Let’s say you bought a computer (or have one already) and want to enhance the performance by focusing on gaming. If you want to set it up with a perfect of what you want to get from PC, then you should consider some tools and techniques.

Where do we start? We do this through various tools. One should not miss is Razer Game Booster, which can become one of your best allies. When you install and use and has its own launcher to start the games, it will ensure that your PC is focused on the game and do not let other open programs. It has several added features that will pick you up very well, especially if what you want is to have added support while playing with the opportunity to, for example, store screenshots or videos.

It is also advisable to use Advanced SystemCare, that will help you tidy up the computer with the intention of releasing RAM and you can play better. Something similar happens with PC Decrapifier, which removes those programs that have been preinstalled on your computer and never will use in life, but they are eating resources.

Once you have these programs and you are using it is critical that you make sure you have updated to the latest graphics card drivers. No matter if it is a Nvidia or an AMD, in all cases it is essential to keep them updated. Along with the graphics card RAM is the second pillar of the PCs applied to gaming, so I have to have it configured to ensure high performance.

With these tips in mind about what to do, remember what you should not do. For example, downloading programs you do not trust or you do not get a lot of security. Avoid as far as possible the download pages always use the official links the programs themselves. This will avoid scares, especially related to the installation of search bars in the browser and other obstacles that you move away from a good experience.