How to overcome a morning hangover? | Cure a Hangover Fast

How to overcome a morning hangover? | Cure a Hangover Fast -
How to overcome a morning hangover? | Cure a Hangover Fast -

I have spoken sometimes about what to do to avoid or reduce the effects of a hangover as possible before you start drinking. Today we put ourselves in a different position: one in which there is no remedy for the prevention, because we drank until we fell to the ground and we have woken up with a hangover three pairs of noses. What to do in this situation?

Although it sounds paradoxical, we’ll ask you to continue drinking, but not alcohol. What you drink is water, lots of water. This will help you keep well hydrated. You know what they say about alcohol when you are thirsty? It is very real, it is not advisable to drink because it causes dehydration in the body and this just taking us its toll. With the hangover we assume that we have drunk a lot and therefore we have to counteract the effect of drinking water. They also serve the sports drinks that contain electrolytes, in case you will get tired of the taste of water and prefer something with lemon.

If you want to speed up the recovery process you can do is take an aspirin or some similar type of medicine without a prescription, as an ibuprofen. Note that it is never good to abuse drugs, so if you can avoid, that better it is. Also, remember that your time is limited and that the same effects are gone when you head still hurts if the surf is very hard.

From there, as you continue with the water, which must do it is to rest as much as possible and not feel pressure to the effect disappears. If you need a few hours sleep, you can do it quietly. But before it is better to eat something. There are many things that I can come in handy in this regard, although the hangover imagine that you will not crave the most of them.

We would stay a sandwich with sausage, a fried egg with a piece of toast, a banana for potassium, some fries or fruit. In terms of food there are many things that I can serve and would be difficult to list them all. You can consult a dish specifically for Google to see if recommended. If you have no desire to cook at home and you count with crackers, it is also a good choice, unless you do not feel hungry for the taste, after the hangover may not be the most delicious in the world. [Cure a Hangover Fast]