How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure And Success | 5 Tips and Tricks

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure And Success - 5 Tips and Tricks
How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure And Success - 5 Tips and Tricks

The only reason that right now you’re not doing what you really want is because the fear of failure or simply fear itself.

if you have not started your own business, if you have not applied for a position in the job of your dreams, or have not made an appointment to the woman you’re in love; it is through fear to fail in the attempt.

Fear of failure is a quality that all human beings have. Nobody likes to fail, receiving a “NO or any negative” for an answer, and our illusions vanish in seconds.

My first business reported me one of the greatest joys and was probably the happiest day of my life stage. But to start, I had to overcome a number of fears and doubts that crossed my worst nightmares. Jane Says.

I must confess something:

Even today I still have those fears and doubts every time I do something new or what is an unknown part for me.

So, I want to show the 5 types of questions that you may have and who are the real responsible for your fear of failure.

So, here you’ll learn how to overcome it and achieve all that you propose.

In addition to the end of the article, I propose to make a simple exercise that will erase your deepest fears in just 5 minutes.

5 questions that will lead to fear of failure

1. Do not know where to start

Getting started is always the hardest part of any action.

But sincerely, no matter where you always start you dare to start. In my first venture, I decided that I want to create an online business. That was my main goal.

But it also could have thrown my business traditionally without a website. That is, there are many ways of doing and start something.

Not knowing where to start will paralyze you and keep you stuck in a maze that you can not leave.

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure And Success - 5 Tips and Tricks

Take action, take the reins and start moving forward looking for different solutions. Do not you elaborate a huge list of “to do” because, otherwise, you’ll be exceeded.

Think about what is most important thing to do first, and do it. Only then you begin to see results through your actions and can continue forward until you reach the finish line that you have marked.

2. No feeling to start

The truth is that ever going to be prepared. If you are a parent, you were ready to have children? If you live alone, you were prepared to become independent and afford a home on your own?

Most times we get into situations we do not know and, once done, we realize that it was more simple than it really looked.

Scaring me is still occasionally do certain things in my business that are not simple or are unknown to me. but you know what?

I force myself to them and when I finish these tasks, the personal satisfaction of having managed to finish something for which I thought was not prepared is huge and the best reward I could have.

I know many people who expect to have a professional video camera and lights before starting his own YouTube channel because they feel that no such materials are not ready to start.

This is just an excuse to don not go ahead because of the fear of failure.

But while they are still waiting week after week, hundreds of Latino youtubers already recording their own videos with no professional cameras and generating a lot of money from home.

3. Not knowing if you will succeed

There is a saying that you should remember in every day of your life:

Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not trying.

In my case, one of my goals here is that my articles reach the maximum number of people, readers share them on their social networks, and to comment on these articles.

But of course that may have posts that do not like anything, hardly anyone reads them, there is not a single comment or sharing on social networks. I do not care!

Clearly scary expose others and not get the success that you expect, but it is much worse not even to try and stay forever to wonder what would have happened if you had tried.

4. Fear on not knowing everything

You can not know everything. It’s virtually impossible. You can review/analyze all the information from Google and you’ll find it very helpful to the project you want to launch.

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But it can also be too much information and confuse more than they already were you.

Therefore, I am a strong advocate of mentors. In fact, I hired a coach staff when I saw my first business was taking off, and it was a tremendous help me to get where I am today.

A mentor can be a great help because it will guide you step by step on the path you choose to take, giving you the information needed to reach the goal.

Alternatively, you can implement is to hire someone to do what you do not know . Yes, it will cost some money, but ultimately worthwhile see.

For example, there are many entrepreneurs who are afraid to create their own online business because they do not know how to design a web page or are not familiar with social networks.

The good news is that you can easily hire someone to perform these tasks for you, and it will cost too much.

Remember that your time is money and too valuable a resource to be wasted.

5. To doubt your own thoughts

I want to know from this moment to have negative thoughts from time to time is a normal thing. And you should not be afraid of it.

But, when they appear, you must step back, breathe deeply, and maybe go for a walk and get some fresh air and stay cool.

If negative thoughts come to your mind about creating a venture, think of all the reasons why you decided to start your own business, and make your positive thoughts go that way.

Do you want to enter this world for money and recognition? You want to do to help others? Or maybe you want to get your own both economic and labor freedom?

If you clear why, doubts and fear disappears and is easier to find out how.

When uncertainty assails me, I go to my favorite quiet place to take some time off. I think of why I do what I do and I remember all those wonderful people whom I have helped and that help the future. That’s where and how you will find all answers to your questions.

Be clear my “why” is what cleared my negative thoughts and fear of failure that usually follow.

With these exercise you will overcome your fear of failure in 5 minutes

There is an extremely simple exercise you can do every day to overcome your fear of failure and do not take more than 5 minutes.

I do it every morning and is the only method I have obtained immediate results.

Nothing to wake you, when you have not yet seen a foot of the bed and are somewhat disoriented, grab a notepad that you left off last night and write on it for 5 minutes all the thoughts that come to mind.

No matter what kind of thoughts come into your head. These phrases are a kind of summary of what you are thinking all day (so it is important to exercise when your head is still not clear).

When you’ve finished typing all these thoughts in 5 minutes, read them and identify phrases that are negative or barriers in your life.

For example, phrases like ” not be able to do … “” I have fear … “” I do not want others to judge me by … “,” I am ashamed to do this because … “, etc.

The more specific are the thought, the better it is.

Having identified those phrases, give back positively and in a new sheet says all these positive statements.

” I will not be able to … “==>” Yes I will be able to … “

“I’m afraid …” ==> “I am a strong person and I know I can get to …”

“I do not want others to judge me by …” ==> “The others will not judge me by … and if I judge is not your life, it’s mine, I do not care what you think”

Thus, rewriting these positive statements that were previously negative, your mind will begin to embed these ideas in your head , and create a resistance to negative thoughts.

Do not think that by doing this exercise a few days everything will be solved: you should do it every day, and read the positive statements every day (not just that one day) that you have provided more motivation.

We all have a fear of failure, but that should not stop you to get what you want. So tell me: what are your fears What do you do to overcome them?