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“I would start a small business but …”

Have you heard that phrase? Does it describe your situation right now? What is it paralyzes you?

When I have the opportunity to ask this to someone in person, usually usually they respond that they’re afraid of failing – perhaps not in those words, but in the end basically boils down to this -.

They say things like ” I would like to start a small business but do not know if there will be enough people interested in buying my products . ”

Or “I want to start a business but I’m not very good at selling.” Even they say “I want to start a venture but do not know if I can make enough money to live on it.”

You see the real obstacle is neither the product nor sales, nor money: is fear.

Fear of physical harm is good, like when you are afraid of a big mad dog that gets in your way, or fear that prevents you from crossing a road when a light is green.

But the kind of fear that keeps you from doing things that will enrich you is not good.

Today I want you and I delve into your three main fears that keep you from opening your own online business , and help you overcome them focus on doing what they do best is giving you, and have enough confidence in yourself to laugh at your own errors.



No. 1 Fear : What if I fail?

A few years ago a friend and I were going to eat when she stood in a clothing store. I went with her, and she held a beautiful jacket probármela, my friend yelled at me from the other side of the store, “ANDREW, PRETTY WOMAN JACKET”.

It was red up to his ears; I was so embarrassed that took five years to re-enter that trade . How did I know that was a woman’s jacket? What has this to do with the fear of failure in an online business?

Nobody wants to feel ashamed, and less in failure .

Worried woman looking through a window biting his fingernail

In fact, rich people pay thousands of dollars each year to hide their shame (can you think of at least three different ways?).

What I learned was that the failures often almost always look bigger in our thinking than reality. Yes, grabbed a jacket woman, so what? Have I died? Nope.

So you launch a product, and you do not get sold. So what? This has happened to me more than once, but I’m not counting out there because nobody likes to talk about their failures.

We all live a successful life … but only on the surface. When we’re home, we eat bugs inside. Over time, we burn both these failures we decided to give up and let go of the “mind of a child” where we used to try all kinds of new things.

But of course, it’s easier not to try anything new. Learning a new language? No, it’s too difficult. Does taking classes at a gym to exercise? Oh, what if I’m the worst kind?

It’s easy to stay in the shadows. Are you comfortable there. Nobody looks at you, nor will point the finger and laughs. But either you accept the risk to get up and do something new.


Four employees in a suit pointing and laughing at another employee in front of them


What would you rather have: a comfortable life where no one says and you’re just like the others? Or agree to take a small risk (not a big one) and try something new that can make you succeed and excel among the people?

When I started my first business a few years ago, people told me: ” What business so ridiculous! When are you going to get a real job? ”

But now, 12 years later, when they see me live in good apartments, all the trips I’ve made, and all the businesses that I have, I say: ” Well, you have several companies and you are your own. How fortunate! “.

I did not get everything that I have today without failing .I did it because I knew that failure was a natural part to reach my goals.



Afraid No. 2 : What if I am not an expert?

How many of us feel like imposters?

What if I do not have the right credentials? What if that person has more knowledge than me? I have not studied or have experience in online business, I can not create my own business as well.

This is called “impostor syndrome” and is real. We waste our time chasing mythical credentials, hoping that an organization give us the certificate of course we have made and that we give you permission to go into the world and do what we want.

And then what? Oh, well, it turns out that the certificate not as important as we thought . What to do now?


Man sticking out his tongue and mouth puckering on a blue background with white interrogations


Make no mistake, I’m a big fan of education: I studied at a university and today I’m investing in my education. But the idea that we all need more “experience” or “know how something” is completely false .

It is a way of thinking completely obsolete. Let’s review a bit of my experience:

  • I’m not a counselor or certified counselor, but I have helped more people and my students to get work or business of your dreams finance many schools around the world.
  • I am not a certified financial planner, but thanks to my online business, I have helped more people to have money most qualified financial planners.


Please stop thinking that if you do not know how to do something , or have a degree in something,you do not have permission to do that you want, and start a business.

The idea that you have to study and work for 30 years for someone to take credit and “be successful” is archaic and wrong.

Today, the most impressive is that with only a few tools (a website, a list of emails, and a little “know how” to build an online business) can get directly to the people you love and you hear!



If you want to work five hours a week on your website and earn a few dollars extra patients, great!

If you want to invest full time in an online business and you aspire to win a 6-digit number a year, I can teach you how. No one stops you from doing any of those things because they do not know how to do or do not have previous experience .

Look at the success of many of my students : with little knowledge or education without having studied at universities elegant, but overcoming their fears and having someone orientase themeconomic freedom have always wanted .

They have accepted the risks involved in any process, and so I have accepted. But what I will not do is spend 30 years studying and working for someone recognizes me merit .


Fear # 3 : “First I need to know how to do”

All use the “I need to know how” as an excuse to talk about what we want … but do not do anything about it!

96% of readers Gananci want to start an online business. How long have you been reading this blog, article after article, dreaming generate more revenue?



Even when we really have the opportunity to start a venture, we think of the most curious thing in the world: think of excuses why it will not work for us.

I’ve seen thousands of times every time I give advice to anyone who asks me. Readers have read each of my articles, you follow my advice, and commenting on each of my articles.

They write how excited they are about to begin. But suddenly we began to question ourselves . “Will this work for me? Is that I am left-handed and I like to give me a nap after lunch. Can I start a business if I’m like? ”

This is called the “syndrome snow snowflake special,” and these people never start a business . They question after question until they find something to tell them no , and then leave satisfied.

“I knew of course that this would not work for me.” They expect to “know how to do before” , until the day arrives magically have time enough, the perfect business idea, and all controlled life priorities.But …



Your life will never be perfect. The successful people take several steps before you are fully prepared .They know there will never be a perfect time where there is no other thing on the plate. So they take the time where they can.

When you look at a great entrepreneur you say “Wow, I can never be like him!” And that’s because you’re not willing to take the daily decisions that he has been doing for years and years.

But the good news is that you’ve already been doing a lot more than other people : you read how to improve yourself . Maybe you’ve tried a couple of methods published here Gananci or elsewhere.

So when you have before you the opportunity to take your business online, you do it?



The strategy I use for ACT

When I feel paralyzed, what has worked best for me so far is sit for 15 minutes to talk to me and think of all the obstacles that MYSELF I wear , such as:

  • I feel uncomfortable doing …
  • Not enough time
  • I do not have enough money
  • Can I make it work?
  • What if I fail?

These questions are also my own concerns, and in that inner chatter trying to give answers that are within my reach.

How I can get around these obstacles? How I can make more time to organize everything? I do not really have money, or is it just an excuse? Can I change some of my expenses to save more? Can I start with something smaller to be less expensive?



Leave your answers in the comments below. I read every comment you write me and I will answer them all, especially the best and most interesting comments.