How to Renew A Driver License?


Renewing driver’s license is not as complicated as we can imagine, but it does have a series of steps that we must follow precisely to perform the process successfully. The first thing you should know is that although it may seem otherwise (perhaps because you have not established or you have not ever seen in this case), the driver’s licenses have a period of validity, so there comes a day when it ends.

How often do I have to renew my driver’s license?

This is the question that many of us do and which we want to get response as quickly as possible. For the permission of corresponding to class B driving the duration you have is a total of 10 years. In other words, we must renew the license every 10 years. The age limit in this regard is 65 years, because this is the age range in which getting tight skills among drivers. At the time when we meet 65 years, the period of validity is only 5 years, so we have to make renewal more often. In this way the authorities ensure that we maintain our active skills and do not suffer from any mishap at the wheel.

In the event that we permit other classes limit are reduced in comparison to the B class. In this sense, the renewal period is for 5 years, whereas once you pass the age of 65 is reduced to 3 years. With these figures it is not difficult to get an idea and be able to calculate how often we have to renew the license.

Another big question is to know when I can apply for renewal of driving license. A day before the expiration? A year before? In this case a period of three months is provided before the expiry flexibly can take to perform the renovation. Do not think that if we renewed in April when the license expires us in June, we will be losing two months leave. Actually time is cumulative, so the renewal counted from the time when I had to expire. Therefore, we can renew with greater margin if we want to have problems later, hurrying. In the case that what we want is to renew expired driver’s license, we can take advantage of extra time to get by in this way and get the card the way we want.

What can prevent us renew the license?

There are some causes that can play against us when we consider how to renew a driver’s license. For example, if you discover that the driver suffers from some type of disease or problem that prevents you from driving, it may lead to the renewal of the license is not provided. It also takes into account whether the driver suffers a deficiency of health but can not be serious right now has a chance to be complicated in the future.

Nor will renew the license if issued an injunction which prevents the person in question lead. And of course, it will not be renewed if there has been a suspension or any similar injunction which stated that you can not drive again, although it temporarily .

What we need?

There are three ways to perform the renewal of driving license: a Medical Center in the provincial traffic or if we are displaced or living outside of country. In the first case we have to get the ID card (or passport if you have not), submit to a medical examination that will address validate whether we are fit for driving and for the model IV.3 rate. We must also accept that make us the photograph of rigor to update it in the driving license.

If we make the renewal Headquarters, we will submit documentation to the relevant official form, the rate mentioned, the medical report, ID card, photography (with dimensions of 32 x 26 mm) and a heel-picture provided in the leadership itself.

Finally, to renew the license from abroad is advisable to request information and documents at the embassy. However, we can also do remotely by sending the necessary paperwork, the report of payment of the fee, the medical report and all earlier comments.For convenience it is more efficient to consult with the embassy itself to assist us in whatever we need in relation to this process.

The importance of renewing the license

With everything related to the driving license must always be very careful and pay attention to every single detail. It is therefore essential that something as simple as checking the expiration date of the card have it in mind. Take a look to know when the document expires and before that happens you just have to follow one of the three methods mentioned above to produce renewal.The process can be more comfortable attending a medical center where we can do the test and provide everything needed for renovation.

If we continue driving without license renewed properly we risk a number of very high fines that may involve us more expense and headaches which is having to renewal at the right moment.