How to run with your dog?


Every time we do more sport on the outside , in the park and green areas that have been enabled for it in cities. And you look at that not everyone runs alone. Some people have the habit of doing with his dog, animals that were not doing anything wrong running, because they sport, keeping fit while releasing tension. But what we need to consider before doing so? What are the factors that pay more attention?

The bottom line is that we know about if our dog is prepared for these sports sessions and what level of performance can withstand.To do nothing better than to consult with your veterinarian . We inform us if our weight, physical condition or race, is ready for this type of physical activity. Pass is good to be informed of our intentions for the dog to have all the shots you need and a good review that can avoid any dangerous situation for the animal.

The belt will choose for the pet not be the same with which we go for a walk. Think of it has to be flexible, extensible and much more comfortable. The dog will maintain a high level of effort, the same intensity that we , so we have to ensure that it is very comfortable.

On how to run it must also take into account factors, but usually applied in parallel to what we consider ourselves when we run. That is, we never get out to run when the sun is more intense, especially in an area where there is no shade . This can be very bad not only for us but also for our pet. Furthermore, it is recommended not to drink water from the animal in the time he has left to run. It’s good to take a few seconds to stabilize your body before you start drinking. This can prevent suffering severe stomach problems.

In addition, and consistently with what we said to apply to our own human animal tips, let’s increasingly intense effort, but starting from a lower point.We can not pretend that a dog is accustomed to lie can run at full strength overnight.We’ll be sure to enjoy great sports sessions alongside our dog.


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