How to Show or Hide files in Windows – Solution

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Reading this tutorial you will know how to hide files and show hidden files and folders in Windows. This is the same procedure for all versions of Windows. Just follow the instructions explained below.

In many cases, you have files, folders or any hidden information in a place that you can not see, unless you configure your Windows to see the hidden files and thus be able to delete them if, for example, they consume space on the hard disk.

How to hide or show files & folders in Windows

To see the hidden files go to Start-> Control Panel-> Folder Options-> View Tab-> Then check the option “Show files, folders and hidden drives” and go.

hide and show folders in windows

Note that if you have Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 instead of “Folder Options” will appear as “File Explorer Options“.

Hide files and folders in Windows

Now to hide a file or folder just go to the file or folder that you want to hide, right click on it and then click on “Properties”. Another window will open where you should check/tick the option that says “Hidden” and last click “OK

hide and show folders in windows2

Note: This applies also to the USB memory files.

How do I know if there is a hidden file in a folder?

You can realize that because when you go to see the properties of the folder it tells you how many files the folder has. If it tells you that it has 18 files but you see only 3, that means that there are 15 hidden ones that activating that option.

To view the properties of a folder, right click on the folder you want to see that information and then click where it says “Properties”. (Look up the image above for reference)

If you have any concerns about how to hide files in Windows please leave a comment explaining what inconvenience you have.