How to start your own cleaning business in 5 steps


If you are looking for a business idea that requires little investment, and you can start relatively quickly with little effort, a cleaning business is the one for you.

However, keep in mind that, being a kind of easy riding company, competition is also high, with an industry dominated mainly by small organizations.

So you need to have a clear vision of where they will be positioned your cleaning business within this somewhat saturated market and find the right niche for it.

So read the 5 simple steps that you must take to begin the road to success, and some tips that will be very useful.

How to start your own cleaning business in 5 steps

1. Determine what type of cleaning business you are going to specialize

There are three main types of cleaning companies:

  • Home. It consists of cleaning the home/house of people (usually when they are not at home) and you start it yourself. Over time, when you have a good clientele, you better hire additional employees.
  • Business. This type of cleaning involves cleaning commercial properties (offices of companies, shopping centers), for what you do need a team of workers, and your role is more manageable than in cleaning itself.
  • Specialized. Here there are hundreds of niches that you can explore, from cleaning school windows to cars.

Cleaning business

You must think about the talents you have or what you want; Are you prepared to clean every day, or yours is more administrative part of a business?

Examine in turn what is the best market opportunity is in your area. If you live in the area with full of shops, perhaps the idea is that you engage in commercial cleaning. Think about and analyze your locality.


2. Research, research, research

As I said earlier, research your potential market and the local population will be key demographic to determine the type of business you should start as a cleaning service.

Cleaning businessIf you plan to manage a venture household cleaning, make sure the people of your village/are is financially capable of paying someone to do the housework.

Or, if a trade, that it has enough sales to invest their profits in paying you.


3. Decide on your business model

Are you going to mount an independent business, or perhaps being a franchise is a good choice for you? In this part, it is important to think about your long-term goals.

If you are considering a venture that you can grow slowly but steadily, and it’s you who has total control, your best option is probably, mount it on your own.

Cleaning business

However, if what you want is a quick profit, and you are concerned about some aspects of lifting or running a business of this type, consider the franchise and make another cleaning company.


4. Make a budget for your equipment

The costs of equipment cleaning can vary considerably. Household cleaners, for example, typically receive these materials from homeowners (detergents, mops, etc.)

But if you plan to launch a commercial cleaning business, you will need to invest in some basic equipment like:

  • Cleaning carts to bring products
  • Vacuum cleaners and industrial steam machines
  • And, of course, a car in which to transport all equipment

Cleaning business

As you can see, all the equipment listed above can cost you $ 10,000 or more, so it’s important to think if you have money or you can get a loan to buy it, and the time it will take to recover with your benefits. Think about this aspects and write them down to consider it as a majority.

Not forgetting of course that if you hire others to help with chores, they will have a salary charge and you have to include them too in your budget.


5. Create a marketing plan

Once you’ve thought about your business model, you will have to realize what type of cleaning are you going for, and have gotten the money for products, equipment, or employees needed, you can start your cleaning business.

But the next step is probably the most important part: getting customers. And this only will achieve a good marketing plan. Depending on your type of business, some billboards or newspaper ads may be the best place to start. Also consider distributing flyers to the closest targeted customers. Making or preparing a calendar, 991 call sticker, your logo on a pen, pencil, cups and other daily uses of people material will have them to remember your logo.

Cleaning business

Do not dismiss nor other methods like social networks, or Internet ads pay (in search engines like Google), especially if your cleaning business is specialized.

Neither be afraid to go house to house leaving some business cards to your prospects – cleanliness is a personal business and there is nothing better than the first time you know it face to face instead of through a billboard. If you have a budget, get some small gifts and put your logo and give it away to kids in your are. In this case, pencil case, pen case, stickers of their hero as spiderman, batman and so on. Make things nice and give to kids.


4 tips you should consider for your business


Both before starting your cleaning business, as long as you’re running it once in operation, there are four key tips you must follow if you want to succeed and a stable income.

1. You must build trust in your customers

One of the most important elements in this type of business is the confidence (the end of the day, your customers will let you enter their homes or their jobs). And one of the things that confidence is transmitted is image, either a person or a company.

Make sure that:

  • You and your employees are with a good uniform or at least clothes fit for the job.
  • Your bills are printed with logo of your business, and are made by computer (an invoice by hand may seem unprofessional)
  • You and your employees may have friendly service and polite when they speak to customers. It is your responsibility to teach them on this regards.
  • You have all the necessary papers, and licenses (if you need one), or health insurance for you and your employees

Subscribing/Attending to some organization in your industry will also be a guarantee of confidence for your customers. And do not forget to ask for a criminal record if you hire other employees.

Cleaning business

This will improve your image as a professional to be confidence.

Nor you need a certificate of training, but if you can get one (like your employees) will be a good way to increase your credibility.


2. What price to put on your services?

Puting a price on your services can be tedious and time consuming, but especially at first, do not rush in this process.

If your price is too low, you are “stealing” yourself of the benefits you get or you will be forced to lower the quality of your work to match it with the price; if your rate is too high, certainly you lose many customers.

Cleaning business

Remember that in the clean (especially domestic) your most direct competition will be your customer. If you charge too much, they will think “for that price, I can do it myself”.

In the early days, analyze carefully how much you have paid and the price of the total work you did to get a real good estimate and whether your quoted rate is appropriate.


3. A vehicle is more important than it seems

Because your work is done in different places, having a vehicle for your business is as important as the other aspects; in fact, a car is like your business on wheels but not on legs. Sounds smart right?

You need to choose one suitable for your type of cleaning business and is in good condition. For a domestic cleaning service with a small car or a minivan will suffice.

Cleaning business

If, however, you’re going to devote to commercial cleaning, you need a bigger car depending on your equipment and size. Do not forget either of your employees if you hire some.


4. Choose where to base your business

Many cleaning businesses today have their “headquarters” in their own homes: it is a good way to save money on issues such as rental of premises, light and other expenses involving such spaces.

If your type of business will be domestic cleaning, safe in your own home you have a small space to store work materials.

Cleaning business

But what if you want to dedicate to commercial or specialized cleaning? The most obvious is that you do not have enough room for the machines you will use. So, when you business grows gradually, try to save and make a budget for considering an office. Larger office and perhaps you want to rent. Consider the costs of all.

Finally, note whether there are in your country or city health or safety regulations relating to this business, since cleaning involves handling chemical products sometimes very dangerous.