How to turn your 404 page to a success page | Fix 404 Erros


A page 404 or “page not found” is a pause in the user’s navigation when searching online. The normal reaction is to close the browser tab or go back. It is when you have a few seconds to hook your attention, otherwise it will return back to your browser, where you will find your competitors. This is where the hard visual marketing to act.

if you have a blog or website, you should know that this page can be modified and make an attractive design and hitch into an opportunity.

You know the definition that Google applies to page 404? “The famous search engine finds content by following links leading from one page to another. Usually, an error page not found (usually a code of HTTP 404 error) when Googlebot tries to visit a page that does not exist is displayed, either because it has been deleted or has been renamed without redirecting the old URL to the new page or because the link is misspelled. ”

Common causes that produce ERROR 404

  • Link.
  • Pages that expire or move.
  • Bad writing or copied URL.
  • Usually 404 errors do not affect the ranking of sites in Google and can be ignored safely.
  • You can avoid the mistake of writing offering simple and consistent URL, you should also always use lowercase file names and not use spaces.

An Error 404 page should be useful and creative

When a user lands on a page 404, we have to be creative, we do not lose our visitor. Ask yourself some questions and make the most of this page How can we help? What can we offer? How can we capture them to stay?

If you optimize either the resources on this page 404 you can become an ally to enhance the interaction of your visitors.

  • If you have a blog, you can display a list of your most popular posts to draw the user’s attention.
  • In corporate pages, a good strategy would be to include a direct link to the contact page to remain always accessible.
  • Another alternative is to show the search bar.

I’ll show you a collection that exudes creativity and ingenuity, are 12 pages of error, they can get inspiration and ideas,and of course will get you more than a smile.


Mr. Potato greets disjointed, text tells you your situation and why you got there, asks you out with a link to your homepage.

404 Hasbro




Here is his famous chimpanzee locked in ice, which welcomes us, while supporting a smooth and subtle ice frost on it. You indicate that at the top there is a navigation menu or you can use your browser.

404 Mailchimp


Angry Birds

A cheerful and fun to a page 404 of the famous cartoon design. The gamificiación is present as could not fail to be, if you click on the center button takes you to a fun journey through space and Angry Birds games.404 Angry Birds



The first thing that causes a smile, and that’s good, is minimalist and straightforward. Notes that page 404 is another mistake which offers a search engine and sidebar with links to its contents.

404 Creashit


Uses the blue and for you to lose any sense of danger, inducing calm, while the output indicates a link to your home.

404 Alexarts


They have managed to not modify the Home page, to keep the user always in touch with services. Once you get to page 404, change a banner and teaches you another copywriting. An idea to copy.404 Biltmore


Which element may be more tender as a pet, a dog that is lost to connote what a page not found a link to the HOME.

404 wearespray


Uses its error page to inform your website has been redesigned and used a link to take the user to their home.

404 Duoh

Dusty Miller

A very original example. Take advantage of the error to personal branding, and its main protagonist photography, creating curiosity and interest in the creative.

404 Dusty Miller


A sense of humor is a resource heavily exploited in the design of the 404, in this case they warn of black holes in Internet websites swallowed.

404 launchlist


An example of gamification to a page 404 Warning! Zone monsters! Maybe you should follow his advice and leave this site via the link, you can also be a courageous and download your wallpaper.

404 Jumpingjackrabbit


A 404 with gentle effects of displacement, incorporates links to the main social networks, anything goes to keep a user.

Error Hotdot




Thousands of thousands go missing every year across Europe. The Not Found project is a brutal idea for anyone who wants to support this cause solidarity. Use error pages to post pictures of missing children, you just have to settle their application, each page not found your place, it will become a picture of a missing child.

Page 404, an ally to attract users

The 404s out of control can cause you to lose views, as most of them do not hesitate to leave your place to find a better alternative. If you want to use the visual marketing on this page so forgotten, keep in mind in carrying out the design these three points:

  • Informs the user why he is there, he acknowledges that his cause is an error in navigation, which could be responsible.
  • Get his attention creativity has no limits, but remember it is still a main your website, it is important that it be corporate, have visible logo and use the colors of your brand, we do not want the user to feel more lost that is.
  • Lead them to your website , using links to your home page, contact or blog. Leave accessible the navigation or sidebar where they can continue browsing. You can enter a search beneficing with the results, since it seeks information within your site.

Explode Your “page not found”, users who reach it will not be lost and will be a great ally to find new users to your site, good design can increase your engagement.


And you? How do you manage 404 errors?