IBM buys MacBook computers to their employees


A few months ago there was talk about how IBM had intended to make a purchase process 50 thousand units of MacBook computers in order to distribute among its employees. The original plan that was discussed was that the company employees have access to these computers before the end of this year 2015. However, it seems that the demand and the good reception of the initiative has been so good that IBM It has been forced to increase the order. Thus, they will not ask 50,000 units to Apple, but the final figure will be close to 200 thousand.

It is not official information, but a filtration produced quite conclusive. It is said that everything is related to the way in which IBM seeks to introduce a change in trends in the way the company works. From now on they will use more stations Apple work because they provide their employees better performance from day to day. Moreover, it is a leap in terms of seeking the unification between the teams of all company employees.

Until now they have been used primarily acquired Lenovo computers , as well as some computers made by Apple.

In recent statements of IBM we have discovered how the company Apple has negotiated with the way in which they take MacBook computers shortly. And although initially said IBM would go for 75% of the transformation of MacBook computers, it seems that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said that what happened to the remaining 25%, because they wanted to be 100% IBM computers.

This may lead to new negotiations that have finally led to all IBM equipment end up being MacBooks at an early date. The initiative for change has already begun to have the shortest possible time of execution and so soon all IBM workers have made the jump to the technology provided by Apple. This is believed to benefit the company not only in terms of obtaining greater stability, but also to achieve better results in their work processes.

Apple, meanwhile, continues to expand in the business sector, which has always had intended to come to have an even stronger presence in parallel to its expansion at the user level .

Via: AppleInsider