How to identify different types of journalism


In the past, most people got their news from the daily newspaper and the evening news. But now, more people get their news from various sources. There are many types of journalism from so many sources that can be difficult to determine and classify that’s what. You can present information in different ways to achieve goals of specific types of journalism.

  1. Consider the source. Read a source of traditional hard news with a reputation for factual information such as the “Wall Street Journal” different than a blog. The source often can tell which angle is pushing the story. The sources of hard news are there to give news and progress the reputation of the newspaper.
  1. Reads a softer news source such as a magazine, a blog or a column knowing it is there to present the point of view of a person. Magazine stories are usually written with a higher softer and descriptive than the articles in a newspaper degree of human interest and style.
  1. Understand that editorials are opinion pieces covering only one side of the story. An editorial is there just as the opinion of a person, and usually elicits a response from the reader.
  1. Look at the top of a page and if you are unsure about the news content. Look for a disclaimer that says it is an ad or sponsored story.
  1. Note the feature stories, which are sections of special presentations. However, they are on the front too. A story presentation is a story of softer news that usually describes a person, a company or an event with an emotional aspect. Presentation stories usually come with pictures.
  1. Think about the effect of the story on you, whether you’re entertaining, angry or surprised. Look more closely at the types of stories that have these effects journalism, and you may see are pieces of entertainment, or presentations, rather than more hard news.
  1. Search stories that have some pieces of information that are useful to the community. This is investigative journalism. This type of story often takes longer to produce than other news stories, with journalists working on uncovering information for weeks or even months. These stories tend to be on the front or some other part of the main section.

How to identify different types of journalismHow to identify different types of journalism