IKEA: Large mailers a brand with great charisma and personality

IKEA: Large mailers a brand with great charisma and personality - tinoshare.com

Founded in 1943, IKEA is a Dutch multinational company of Swedish origin dedicated to the sale of furniture and household items and decor, which in recent years has certainly achieved its highest popularity fee.

No doubt that there are many factors that have served to promote this brand internationally. Its permanent commitment to marketing actions innovative and creative beyond traditional approaches and charismatic television advertising, have been part of the ingredients used in its formula to achieve such growth.


The spots and TV commercials IKEA have magic, tell stories, surprised and excited. But above all, they have managed to win both consumers themselves as lovers of advertising. In recent years, IKEA has become its advertising reflects its own business philosophy, giving the brand itself a great charisma and personality unique character.


As a proof, we have collected a selection of excellent advertising IKEA. Spot full of creativity that surely will not leave you indifferent. If you are passionate about advertising, you do not want to miss these ones!


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