Images that explore the lack of human interaction in the digital age by Kamil Kotarba -

The Polish photographer Kamil Kotarba has created a haunting series that makes us think about how the rise of mobile screens has negatively impacted the way we connect and interact with others.

The project, entitled “Hide and Seek” , offers a critical look into the digital age, showing us photographs that capture everyday scenes, such as a dinner for two one night on the couch;however, the body of the players has been almost completely erased, except for the arms, which are tied to mobile phones.

Kotarba talks about his project:

“A virtual world always competes with the real world. Instead of focusing on the interaction with other people, we prefer to look at a small mobile screen that constantly offers new incentives. The incentives we choose without restrictions of space and time in which it is currently. Thanks to this diversity, this form of activity appears to be much more interesting than what we are doing. Perhaps it is actually more interesting? Although we are still in a real space, it seems that we were not there.

“Real life only happens around eludes us. We’re somewhere “in between”. We chose the lack of participation. At the same time we are online – still in touch with our friends. We hide behind mobile screens. We played hide and seek. “

Check out the series probably you will feel identified with multiple images.

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