Importance of Backing Up Your Files |Especially if You Are a Freelance.
Importance of Backing Up Your Files |Especially if You Are a Freelance.

We have already spoken to some of the basics that every freelance designer should consider when making the decision to be your own boss, but one of the important aspects that are not played in the previous post is everything related to the Backed by our files that are fundamental pillar of our work.

Usually advertising agencies or companies that require our services as designers have local servers which are backed by our records and our only responsibility is to keep them in certain folders and ready;freelance we do not have servers in our offices (which are our homes usually) for this purpose, so it is important to have different equipment or technologies that will enable us to preserve our files in different locations.

If you do not want to spend m uch money can buy  laptops used in OLX  to serve other than to always have a backup on your hard drive can in case main work computer suffers an accident complete any work on it and present no problem.

Another option that you can use without spending money are the storage options in the cloud as Dropbox,  SkyDrive or   Google Drive  which lets you wherever you have your files at hand, the only thing you should consider is usually editable files are heavy and take time to upload and download information. By using several of the above services can be super safe that your files are never lost.

Another option is to have an external hard drive consumes no electrical or battery power, usually when it comes to work I try to have one partition on my hard disk only to store work files, so I avoid the risk of other files that can contain viruses and I do miss the most important information is that of my clients.

One option that I recommend are not having backups on CD as can deteriorate over time but are well kept, may scratch and not run your computer reader.

No matter which option you take to back up your files, the most important thing is to know when important and valuable they are to you and your work so you should always be aware of them and do the backup regularly to avoid any inconvenience that affects your job.

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