How to improve my PC for games

How do I improve my PC for games? You probably do not have the best PC and you want to play certain games that on your computer work very slow or just do not work because you do not meet the minimum requirements. In this tutorial, we give you some tricks to improve your PC for video games.

What we have to do is make the computer its maximum performance and also save as much resources as possible consumed by other components in the computer. That will allow us to improve the performance in the games.

Update your computer’s video drivers

Update the video drivers to the latest version. If you have the drivers outdated when you update them you could have a considerable improvement in performance because the new versions of drivers that come out is mostly to improve the performance of your video card, either integrated or dedicated.

In order to update the drivers of your PC you need to know the model of your video card and just search the drivers for that model in Google. To know the model of your video card you can read this other tutorial how to know which video card I have.

Optimise Windows for Performance

Go to Control Panel-> System and click to the left where it says “Advanced System Settings”.

Then in the window that will open in the tab “Advanced” in the section “Performance” click where it says “Settings.”

Another window will open, choose the option that says “Adjust for better performance” and then click “OK” to save the changes.

How to improve my PC for games

What it does is that Windows sacrifices a bit of interface design to deliver better performance.

Disable unnecessary programs that start with Windows

Open the task manager and go to the “Start” tab. There you will see all programs that start with Windows.

These programs run in the background causing a negative impact on the performance of your computer. You can disable those that are unnecessary by right clicking and then clicking “Disable“.

How to improve my PC for gamesWith that, you are deactivating unnecessary programs that start with Windows. It is important to know that you should not disable the necessary programs, such as sound drivers or graphics.

Additional advice on this procedure

  • The task manager is opened by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del or right-clicking on the taskbar and then clicking “Task Manager“.
  • Task ManagerIf the operating system you have is lower than Windows 8 you would have to run the msconfig command on run to get to those options.

Task Manager

Remove processes that consume resources in the background

There are programs other than those that start with Windows running in the background constantly consuming RAM and processor. These can be seen in the task manager in the “Processes” tab.

There you can see which processes consume many resources and if one of them represents an unnecessary program of your computer you can uninstall that program to increase the performance of your computer.

How to improve my PC for games in power options

Go to Control Panel and then click Power Options. Choose the option that says “High Performance“.

How to improve my PC for gamesWith that you will make the computer its maximum performance at the cost of greater energy consumption. Most desktops have balanced and Economizer or Balanced laptops and by changing this you will notice a significant improvement in the games.

Clean the PC to improve its speed

By this, I mean removing junk files such as previously uninstalled wastes, temporary files, removing viruses, among other things. For that, I have another tutorial that explains how to do it. I recommend you read it Improve PC speed.

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