How to increase the router’s WiFi signal | Tricks and Methods

How to increase the router's WiFi signal

Reading this you will learn how to increase the WiFi signal , because possibly it does not reach the whole house or a room or your house is very large and you want it to reach all parts of your house. All that can be achieved, but of course, you have to see what can be done in each case.

In this article I will explain several things you can do to increase the reach of wireless WiFi signal, some more difficult than others, but absolutely all work. To be able to achieve this would help a lot if you have some knowledge of how the WiFi works, even if you do not have it will work, but the more you know the subject the better.

Increase WiFi signal with aluminum

Placing aluminum foil or objects made of aluminum in the antennas of your modem or router powers the wireless signal to a specific address, if your modem does not have an antenna and has WiFi, the antenna has it, but it is integrated and still this Method works perfectly, the easiest way is to place an aluminum foil open and put it in the form of a wall behind the modem or the opposite side for which you want to direct the WiFi signal, for example:

How to increase the router's WiFi signalThere what you are doing is concentrating and directing the wireless signal in front of the router, which will make it go much further to that direction.

It does not necessarily have to be aluminum foil, you can use materials that are made of aluminum. For example, beverage cans, place them open on the antennas as follows:

Increase the wifi signal with cans

Just by doing that you will notice an incredible difference.

Increase the WiFi signal in the router’s wireless configuration

In the section of the WiFi configuration of your modem or router there is an option that indicates how much power the WiFi signal is transmitted, some computers do not have that function raised to the maximum. You get it by entering that configuration and looking for an option that is usually called Output Power or Transmit Power. Example of such function on a TP-LINK router:

How to increase the router's WiFi signalThis example was with a TP LINK router, with other modem and router can vary the name of that option

How to increase WiFi signal with repeaters

Repeaters are devices that connect wirelessly to your router that transmits the Wi-Fi signal and repeat that signal to get it further. This method has some economic cost (little). But it is much more effective than the previous ones, as I say. It consists of placing the or the repeater in a place where as soon as it arrives to wireless signal, so that later also it can arrive.

For example, if you have a 3-story house and the router is on the first and the WiFi signal only reaches the second floor, but you want it to reach the third. That would be solved with a repeater (Wifi Extender), the example would be like the following image:

How to increase the router's WiFi signalThe yellow signal corresponds to the router, blue to the repeater. As you can see, the router signal goes only to the second floor. AND

Then the repeater or also called WiFi Extender is used to extend the signal above.  

How to increase WiFi signal with correct router location

Below are some tips to ensure optimal WiFi signal output.

  • Locate the router about 4 feet from the power outlet.
  • Do not put the router in windows because part of the wireless signal would be lost to escape by that route.
  • Place it in downtown locations.
  • Avoid placing it along with cell phones, microwaves, televisions, monitors or surveillance cameras.

If you have any questions or concerns about increasing the WiFi signal do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.