Innovate and lose weight, why aesthetic or conviction?

Innovate and lose weight, why aesthetic or conviction? -
Innovate and lose weight, why aesthetic or conviction? -

Innovation within companies is a very interesting phenomenon that is very similar to the boom in the natural, so healthy and everything that promises to help to ‘Lose Weight’.

For over seven years I got used to being overweight and inadvertently step to obesity, exactly as happens to many companies that little by little they are getting fatter, filling processes, initiatives and people; Companies that want to be around at the end are not on anything, literally organizations to be ‘obese’ opt for the quick and easy solution: remove all excess fat. Unfortunately, in these cases the fat ends up being the faithful group of collaborators under an odious downsizing.

Like all human problems and the companies, there is always something that generates a break point and generates the person or the company feel a need for change.

That was the case with the issue of obesity and in the case of many organizations when it comes to innovation. The first step is to understand how much has permeated the person or company the consequences of the problem. In my case it was a little over a year ago when the time to identify that something was not right and that I should really change my lifestyle if I wanted to get positive effects came. The same applies companies. An oriental proverb says, ‘ It is absurd to continue doing the same thing and expecting different results. ” We see big brands break every day, simply by refusing to change, improve and even to innovate to survive in a competitive environment that every day becomes more demanding.

It was then that I decided that my life needed a change and like all people who decide to ‘lose weight’ evaluated all possible options and ways that had to do, some faster than others; as well as those organizations that decided to assemble a team of the same quality and equipment for the integrated management system and one for security issues and another for operational excellence and one more innovation in order to meet many people working different objectives, competing for the same resources and the strategic priority within the same company.

Ultimately people and companies decide directly and immediately remove what they consider is ‘superfluous’ way. Are these same individuals and the same companies which in some cases become fat regain and even to gain weight in a jiffy, simply because at the end of the famous ‘diet’ return to old habits and customs. The organizations happens this: celebrities do staff cuts; then comes an initiative and many new projects, which have no priority or strategy that regulates.

The key is to understand what the company wants to achieve by applying innovation. If the goal is for people to talk about their work, let me tell you it will not make a change, simply going to have ups and downs with projects that allow you to generate some profits and allow it to be recognized as the most innovative company, by a moment.

However if your goal to incorporate innovation in their company is the cleaning of impurities, really analyze it to see their strengths and weaknesses and make a significant change, initiating a process of cultural change that makes innovation a reality have achieved healthy, having changed habits, customs, and after understanding that the way to be strong is definitely changing and not just for a period of time. organism

This requires discipline, commitment and enthusiasm, despite the difficulties and despite the competitive environment no longer promotes the fittest but what Charles Darwin said: ‘Whoever survives is not the strongest nor the most intelligent, but the it adapts better to change ‘. That is why we now see thousands of ads and company names that include the word innovation; knowing that few where it actually applies as a strategy tool for generating value and competitive advantage. The type of companies that excel in major listed are those that have made innovation a part of their organizational culture, innovating for health and, above all, they innovate to survive in a demanding environment and full of diseases.

Finally, if you decide to implement the innovation in your organization please do so fully convinced and with the help of an expert, consultant or specialist who understands that there is no magic formula for everyone, each company is different and should create a plan made to size.


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