install or update Intel graphics drivers

In this article, we explain step by step how to install or update Intel graphics drivers. This is advisable to do so because it improves the performance of the integrated graphics of our computer, this is essential if you want to improve the graphics and FPS in the games.

The first thing to do is to download the Intel® Driver Update Utility from this link. You will see a series of instructions. Find and click the blue button that says “Download now” to begin downloading the hardware detector of the computer.

install or update Intel graphics driversAfter you download it you run it and it will accept some terms. Check the box to accept the terms and click where it says “Install“.

install or update Intel graphics driversDoing so will prompt you for administrator permissions. Then start scanning, downloading and installing or updating the driver update utility to the most suitable for your computer.

install or update Intel graphics driversWhen you finish installing or updating Intel Utility you will see available at the bottom a button that says “Start.” Click on it.

install or update Intel graphics driversWhen you do that you will see another window with a button in the middle that says “Start Scan“. Click on this button to begin searching for the Intel drivers but suitable for your laptop or desktop.

install or update Intel graphics driversIt will take a few seconds or minutes to scan the computer. When I finish it will show you the update drivers.

Check all the boxes to update all your drivers. After clicking it says “Download“.install or update Intel graphics drivers

When you click “Download” will begin to download. When the downloads are finished you will have the option to install it at the top of the window, otherwise, you will go to the folder in which you downloaded the drivers and run the installers manually.

When the installations or updates are finished restart your computer and go. You will already have the latest drivers for your Intel PC installed.

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