iPhone 6s: more megapixels for the camera of an iPhone with pressure sensitive screen - tinoshare.com
iPhone 6s: more megapixels for the camera of an iPhone with pressure sensitive screen - tinoshare.com

Like other brands have certain times of the year as MWC, to renew their reference smartphones, Apple has set the calendar the first days of September as the timing to meet its new iPhone.

Since 2015, with the iPhone 6 in the market, this year drew slight retouching in appearance and stronger inside, focused as usual on the processor and camera, but also on the screen, then finally the rumor arrival Force Touch the technology to 4.7-inch iPhone 6 confirmed. We know the new iPhone 6s.  Let’s find out in detail.


An iPhone that does not lose weight, so the iPhone 6s

Surely the manufacturer which had more labored to reduce thickness and weight of their equipment with each generation had been Apple. Until now. 6s The new iPhone comes with an increased thickness of 6.9 to 7.1 mm, nothing really significant. The weight, which in the last year’s model was 129 grams, yes growing considerably and stands at 143 grams. Although no figures have been given, this is due to the inclusion of the 3D Touch technology and perhaps a higher capacity battery.

iPhone 6s: more megapixels for the camera of an iPhone with pressure sensitive screen - tinoshare.com

Otherwise, no significant developments in terms of design in this new iPhone 6s. The metal body in one piece and the rear bands are maintained, and includes a new color pink gold , although in reality the model is still made of aluminum. This time the series is the 7000, the same used in Apple Watch and in theory is stronger than last year, for that to avoid another hint of a problem with the bend of the iPhone .

One of the surprises in the design of the new iPhone 6s is that has not stepped into the USB-C connector yet, so Apple will hold a new generation with Lighting.

Touch screen with 3D knows how hard you press

Having decided that the measures that will explode in the next generation of iPhone will not play (the 4.7 and especially the jump to 5.5 inches have boosted sales), it was time to offer something more in that diagonal. A few months rivals who have taken a leap in terms of resolution, brightness and precision screens that have left the iPhone a bit ago.

But Apple has chosen not to make such progress in resolution but the inclusion of a new protective glass and technology to their control.

Although Huawei has already submitted its Force Touch the Huawei Mate S , this technology is the highlight of what was presented by Apple, which has renamed 3D Touch . Its operation is already known: a screen that recognizes not only gestures but also the strength with which we press on its surface, which now comes with new glass cover that Apple says is more resistant.

iPhone 6s: more megapixels for the camera of an iPhone with pressure sensitive screen - tinoshare.com

After the pressure reaches the response Tactic Engine, also integrated into the new iPhone screen 6s, and the emergence of different options and menus that enable you less movements or touches on the interface. These options are available both in your applications (which require developers to integrate them) and on the desktop, where, for example, by clicking on the camera leaves us options as shortcuts.

Instead of improving the resolution of the screen on iPhone 6s, which has been behind almost all its rivals, Apple has chosen to improve the user experience with 3D Touch

In the part of specifications, the highlight is the arrival of the new Apple 64-bit A9 third generation, powerful but behind A9X riding the new iPad Pro. Also new coprocessor M9. As for connectivity, WiFi and LTE they are faster and Touch ID technology has moved on to a second generation.

iPhone 6s, technical characteristics
Physical dimensions 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm, 143 grams
Screen 4.7 inch IPS LCD
Resolution 1334×750 pixels (326 dpi)
Processor Apple A9 (dual-core, 64-bit)
Memory 16/64 / 128GB (not expandable)
Software Version iOS 9
Connectivity LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi ac
Cameras 12 MP rear F2.2 (recording 4k), front of 5 MP
Price From 749 euros

New 12-megapixel camera with video recording 4K

It could not be otherwise. Apple has given a boost to the quality of the camera of your iPhone not only new technologies to improve the color, for example, but also in resolution. The new camera has 12 megapixels , a significant jump of 8 MP current iPhone but still well behind rivals.

The brightness of the lens is F2.2 , being well away from reaching mount f1.8 rivals. And except surprise, no hybrid system approach for the new iPhone 6s. Yes it has been integrated into the new optical stabilization 6s, which only incorporated the Plus model of the previous generation.

iPhone 6s: more megapixels for the camera of an iPhone with pressure sensitive screen - tinoshare.com

It also improves the secondary camera, nor Apple has been able to resist the selfie fever, and has given 5 MP resolution accompanied by new technology to use as screen brightness flash for our face. It is able to increase up to three times the normal brightness of it.

Apple has given 4K camera recording their new iPhone 6s, but the resolution of the main sensor only rises 8-12 MP

After resisting for a long time, the new iPhone 6s is finally able to record video with resolution 4K or rather, UHD.

The other novelty is called Live Photo. With this mode the iPhone camera takes several photos (before and after pressing) then both gallery as strong clicking on an image, it becomes a moving picture for just a couple of seconds. This idea and HTC implemented a few years ago.


iPhone 6s, price and availability

Apple’s new phone will hit the market on Sept. 25 in selected markets, among which is Spain. Later will come the other major markets.

The new iPhone will 6s higher than the current iPhone 6 free prices, which fall slightly (from 639 euros) as it will continue to sell. The dollar-euro and significantly affects the new iPhone 6s and starting model 16GB (yes, in the 2015, and recording 4K resolution for camera, an iPhone will still exist in memory 6 16GB ) will cost 749 euros in France. And in Spain? For now we have no official prices here, but hopefully a similar price. For reference, in Europe last year the iPhone 6 Basic cost 699 euros.

iPhone 6s: more megapixels for the camera of an iPhone with pressure sensitive screen - tinoshare.com

To 64 GB, Apple has set a price of 859 euros and 128 GB for 969 euros. Again we emphasize that these are the prices that Apple has chosen to France, but in other European countries has been similar increases. In Spain, although there are no official prices yet, you may also suffer one similar price increase. We will update as we get this information but, not being Spain among the countries of initial release, it may not make it public in a few days.

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