iPhone 6s, New iPods and Apple Pay: Rumorsfera | Apple Products


Another “short week” but we passed July … Those of you lucky enough to be on holiday, you will be reading us from the beach, the mountains … or who knows where.  It is not for Apple rumor mill microcosm .

It seems that the Cupertino machinery is ticking and it is actually logical, since that September is just around the corner and we have the iPhone in the making. And it must be producing the next Apple smartphone to satisfy the initial demand for it.

So there goes the thing, with rumors about the next iPhone and some other device like the Apple iPod. We must also remember that the iPhone will come with iOS 6s under his arm, so the pace of betas prove it .


Let’s what matters, the rumors we’ve seen this week:

  • We started, how could it be otherwise, with the iPhone 6s . If last week we had pictures of his back , now fear schemes dimensions. According to information compiled by Engadget Japan , the iPhone 6s may be slightly thicker. Specifically it happens from 6.9 to 7.1 millimeters thick, 0.2 millimeters. This would be due to Force Touch screen and 7000 series aluminum to be used in its manufacture. It also shows home button, so this would not disappear .
  • We continue apple pay . In my opinion, Apple Pay growth is still too controlled. In my opinion it should already be working in several countries. It seems that finally come to England, The Banco Santander begins to allow customers to add their cards to apple pay.
  • Apple wants to continue breaking sales records iPhone , begin to appear analysis predicting an increase in sales of the next generation and it seems that is considering for its production forecasts. In particular it is negotiating an order for between 85 and 90 million units last year asked 70-80 million.
  • Although not a rumor itself, are also news recent public betas of iOS 9 , OSX El Capitan and Watch OS 2 . In Applesfera we have spoken to all three.
  • It seems that the renewal of the iPod range we asked last week remained mere fantasies of the author. The renovation will come if … But just suppose the way to the 64-bit processor in the iPod touch and remodeling colors of the iPod nano and shuffle.

Well, it can not give more gum, remember that we are still in summer. Next week we return with more rumorsfera.