iPhone is on but the screen is not visible or off? (Solution)


Problem: my iPhone is on but the screen is black, not visible, off.. how do I solve it? When that happens, it is a problem that can happen for many reasons. In this article, we will try to explain the possible solutions to this iPhone problem, such as that you have been hit by a fall or the operating system has a problem.

Follow the instructions in the tips explained below and possibly solve the problem of your iPhone.

My iPhone is turned on but the screen is not visible due to system failures

If you understand that the iPhone has problems due to problems of the iOS system you can do a hard reset and you do this as follows.

  • Connect iPhone to your computer with iTunes open.
  • In iTunes on the menu on the left side select the iPhone.
  • Click the Reset iPhone button.
  • It will ask if you are sure to perform that operation, you give it yes.

Attention: Before resetting the iPhone it is recommended that you first save a backup so that you recover the lost information. You do the “Back UP Now” button.

When you do that the iPhone will go to its factory settings and your problem is probably already fixed.

My iPhone is on but the screen is not seen yet, what else can I do?

It is then possible that the iPhone has received some damage on one of its internal components. For this type of situations, it is recommended to take it to a technician and to solve the problem there.

What kind of physical problems can cause the screen not to be seen on an iPhone?

The following causes may cause an iPhone to turn on, but the screen does not appear or the screen goes black:

  • Internally detached screen.
  • The cable that goes from the screen to the damaged device board.
  • Damaged screen.
  • One of the integrated chips damaged.

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