Is it enough to write quality content to be relevant -
Is it enough to write quality content to be relevant -

Content is king. This is a fact because it is a factor that we find relevant, learn new things and generate interest. But is it enough just to write quality content?

This is a question that made me several times, as in the blogosphere there are many distinguished and well-known blogs. If you’re starting your blog from scratch and no one knows you, it may not be enough to make a difference. You will notice that sharing your Contender in the different existing social networks does not generate much less interest is being shared. This can generate you stress because you do not see any solution to this problem.

Follow the pattern of the others does not make you different

Generally, when you start from scratch and do not have experience, you usually follow the patterns of those bloggers who have already achieved success. Furthermore, if we add to your quality content it means you have to have the same success.

If that’s how you’re thinking, you’re falling into a grave error, because that works for someone else, does not mean you run to you. This means that it is not enough to follow patterns of others to become known in your industry, we must go much further.

Finding the balance between quality content and the way you are can make a difference

It seems contradictory what I am saying, but my time as a blogger (less than one year) realized I even sometimes more important to convey your personality when you write the content itself. Not get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that quality content is not used at all, but the essence that you stop at every word you type is ” what makes the difference . ”

No one is like you, although many people look like you, there are always differences, so you can not write in a similar way to a well-known blogger because this will turn out to not be relevant, because consciously or are in concrete transmitting describes not you, if not someone else.

Being yourself is the key to success

I have to admit that when I started my blog, followed the pattern of others, thought it was right to keep climbing levels in the blogosphere, but as the days passed or months did not notice apparent changes.

Finally I decided to be myself, to my point of view whether I’m wrong or not, express myself as I am and … To my surprise I started to have opinions, my content began to be shared on social networks and began to be noticeable for a particular sector. This makes me realize that people do not follow quality content, if not follow people .

Therefore, if you are in this situation, these would be my advice:

Do not be afraid to be yourself / a : Not everyone will like, deal with it. But being as you are is the best ingredient for your blog.

Defend your position : there is the possibility that a reader may not agree with what you say. If you are convinced of what you say is true, do not fall recesses for good, hold your position, this may affect you for good.

Get out of your comfort zone : if you do not expose physically, if you do it in your writings, that would translate into emotions. Many people may be afraid. Daring to face is not suitable for everyone, but out of your comfort zone is to introduce a world unknown to you. This can bring you many benefits would you dare?

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