Java, the language most used and its evolution

Java, the language most used and its evolution -
Java, the language most used and its evolution -

A few days ago the index was reviewing TIOBE (2015) showing a list of the languages used by developers. Java ranks first with nearly 20% market share. The truth is that it is not a big surprise since He has always occupied a prominent place. What is surprising is that it has advanced in the past year 4.29% , more alternatives exist every day. Why do we have this situation?


Java 8, the evolution

Java has already served his 20 years of life and during this period have been many programming languages that compete with it. For many Java is your first choice because it considered a great language . But one of his greatest strengths has always been linked to the JSR groups that are defining what evolve different platform standards, including the core language.

In recent years the strong inflow of functional programming in other programming languages such as JavaScript or C # Java had placed in a delicate situation. Update Java 8 has included (lambdas, Streams etc) is contributing to Java programming functional capabilities both were cast at fault. The language has been strengthened with the most important since Java 2 upgrade.

Remember that programming languages evolve over the years and this development is closely linked to the laws of natural selection, the strongest prevails not only the best adapted to the new environment. Java 8 has been a great success in terms of It refers adaptability.