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Jealousy: Jealousy Out Of Control | Relationship | Lifehacks - -
Jealousy: Jealousy Out Of Control | Relationship | Lifehacks - -

Almost everyone knows what is jealousy: Fear, anger and disappointment are combined in a single, strong feeling which is  difficult to control and manage. 

And for many people, jealousy is a nightmare that can not leave behind: constantly revised text messages, calls, emails, clothing, drawers and even bank accounts of their partners.

Jealousy is more than a fleeting emotional crisis: is a disease that ruins not only your relationship but the welfare and quality of life of each of its members. We invite you to read the following article to learn more about jealousy or morbid jealousy.

What is jealousy?

The jealousy is when they feel jealous toward the couple that becomes an obsession and that completely destroys the welfare of the individual who has it, including of his partner and his family and social environment. Thus , the typical person can not remain in peace and harmony with your partner for long, because all their acts and actions are dominated by the insecurity if  felt jealousy.


Symptoms of a person is celotípica are:

  • Anxiety and constant concern for the couple and their actions.
  • Attitudes paranoid and violent with the couple.
  • Isolation of family and social group.
  • Need to be with you partner all the time
  •  Constant suspicion of being a victim of a loving deception.
  • Constant feelings of abandonment.
  • Low self-esteem and feelings of insecurity.

How to deal with jealousy?

When a person is diagnosed or the help of a mental health professional it is essential, since the consequences of this disease can be very negative for the couple (even to physical and psychological violence).

Through psychotherapy , the person can bring out the deepest origins of his jealous and possessive attitude and conduct, with the help of the doctor, small actions to contribute to marital stability. Also, it is the duty of the other to contribute to the improvement of the relationship , promptly attend any meetings and case as it suggests the specialist.

Controlling jealousy is not an impossible task, but everyone must do their part to improve the relationship slowly. Guilt and rejection are ineffective.

The good emotional health and partner communication are the cornerstones to clear a panorama devastated by jealousy.Together we can move forward, devoting time and love to build a new road.



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