Jedi's used a GoPro During Their Adventures? | VFX - Special Video Effects -
Jedi's used a GoPro During Their Adventures? | VFX - Special Video Effects -

Everything that surrounds the universe of Star Wars is amazing, as has been several years since the release of the first film, but today, new generations continue to consume much of what is released, and the fans continue to create things really impressive , just because you can do it and share it to the world.

We have seen videos with the six films in the series at the same time , a trailer in 16 bits , constructions based Legos , but now know a great video created by a former student of Taylor University in Indiana, United States, where the argument is what if a Jedi use a GoPro camera during a battle? .

Bill Parker, better known under the pseudonym BillyWarp1 , is responsible for recording, editing and post product a small but spectacular video which shows a Jedi battle against Stormtroopers, ships of the empire and even an AT-AT. All this in the first person perspective of the Jedi , thank you kindly decided to use a GoPro camera.

The special effects and video production make it look something professionally recorded, but the reality is that Billy Warp 1, which for several years now has been dedicated to the creation of special effects, it does without the help of a large budget or a great production team or professional team.

This video has had such an impact that Bill has been questioned in social networking by people who doubt that the video has been created. So it has decided to raise another video to its YouTube channel a behind the scenes and of the procedure followed to obtain that result.

In addition, Bill takes time on this, even participated in a competition organized by Doritos , where the next announcement would be transmitted during the Super Bowl was sought. Unfortunately he did not win, but we can see below.

Finally, we leave you with part of the work that Bill where he mixes everyday situations with video games.

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