Jet, A New Opponent Will Bet On Amazon Facilitate of Online Shopping Savings -
Jet, A New Opponent Will Bet On Amazon Facilitate of Online Shopping Savings -

Finally, it has launched. The, a new e-commerce platform currently available in the United States, which aims to compete with industry giants like Amazon or eBay pointing users who want to save on your electronic purchases, which is the type of users to which it is focused. This is a risky start but with a vision considering the growth of electronic commerce in the coming years, rising to four times the turnover that occurs today worldwide.


The idea is that users pay a fee of $ 50 a year as a membership, and during their shopping experience can learn tips and tricks that allow them to save more money in practice according to a number of factors, can save up to 10 or 15 % below the lowest prices to be found on the Internet, provided a challenge to all major platforms already established e-commerce, which point more to customers who are willing to pay for premium features.

Marc Lore, founder and CEO of the new commitment of electronic commerce, tells TechCrunch that other platform are pointing the same type of customer, the customer is willing to pay for premium features in their shopping experiences. Add seeing an opportunity in the segment concerned by saving on your purchases, assuming a much larger segment users.

Jet, A New Opponent Will Bet On Amazon Facilitate of Online Shopping Savings - currently has about ten million items, a third of which is directly managed by the platform, another third are managed by partners, and finally the remaining third is managed by a service they call “concierge” where Jet purchased on the websites of retailers to send customers directly. To date, there are 2,200 participating retailers, although not all retailers frown join this service


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